“Let us find ourselves fully together in the deep of the Eternal, knowing that by being in that place together, we are invoking the power of Creation moving through aware human beings. It is the power of love. We are unleashing the power to heal, to change, and to re-create. It is the power that transmutes our world.”

“Practical spirituality starts with something that doesn’t seem so practical to people—making space in their consciousness for something they cannot see. One of the greatest spiritual teachers to walk the earth, Jesus of Nazareth, spoke of that as going into your closet—a private place within yourself, perhaps even a dark place in which you can find the part of your own reality that is wise and loving.”

“There is a universal love that is within us, that is us, and it’s vast and it’s unending. Unlike merely human love, it is unconditional. It doesn’t stop. We could stop it in our own human experience, but it doesn’t stop. If we are open to it, it just keeps coming through us. And it doesn’t matter what anybody else does, and it doesn’t matter what happens. It was here before you got here on earth, and it’s going to be here after you’re no longer on earth.”

“To love unconditionally, we have to face the greatest lie that has ever been foisted on a human being—that we are weak when we express love and we are strong when we act from fear and hate. Exactly the opposite is true. We are powerful when we love unconditionally.”

“There are all kinds of areas in people’s lives where they end up being prisoners of their own thought. We are not here to be a prisoner of thought. We are here to be originators of thought. We are here to think, and the realm of liberating thought is born out of a core awareness of the reality of Being. It is a whole different matter to be giving birth to thought as opposed to being a consumer, and therefore a victim of thought, whether these thoughts are our own or someone else’s.”

“Most people I know trip and stumble at times in their lives. If we are living our life from a high place, we are bringing the vibration of love and we are holding all of that from the standpoint of love. Love transcends it all and transmutes it all. For many people there is a fundamental lack of faith in the power of love within them to handle all that. Love will handle it all if we let it.”

“Is there a higher calling than to see and foster beauty and glory, to let it grow, to create it, to let it be not only inside of us but outside of us, and to deliberately put it out there?”

“Do you need better love in your life? Love needs no improvement. Love is a state of Being; it is a reality. It does not need improvement, development, an upgrade or super sizing.”

“Shame is the experience a person has of being untrue to the core of who they are as a being of love.”

“Love is a secret, as far as you and I are concerned, until it manifests and comes out in our life, until it’s embodied by us in our living expression and by what we create. Up to that point, we question: Is love really real?”

“There is no way to unthink a thought or unfeel a feeling or undo what has been done. You can’t unsee what you have seen. The crucial factor is whether we are seeing from the standpoint of someone who is fully engaged in their life; someone who is all-in.”

“Life is meant to be lived from a high place, from a place of spiritual experience and perspective, from which we imbue all of our creations, all of our life, with what comes through when we are living in a high place. We experience love’s ambition in such a place.”

“That awareness of divinity present in our world includes an awareness of our primal bond with all creation, manifest and unmanifest. It’s all in relationship and all held easily from a high place within ourselves—that same high place, that same focal point, that is within all people and all of Creation. From the nucleus of the atom to the sun of the farthest solar system, replicated throughout all Creation is this apex point. And it is replicated in us. Live from this place!”

“If we are to hear the voice that speaks with us and be that voice in our world, it takes a steady listening and our willingness to let the expression of that inner voice of truth come all the way through. And a person has to let any internal mental racket recede so that voice may be heard.”

“Of all the risks that a person faces in their life, there is none greater than the risk that they would miss their opportunity to be a sun and to build a sun with other people.”

“When we give up on trying to find and understand the Divine with the intellect, we can acknowledge the presence of the wonder of Being that is with us. We can deliberately open ourselves to an awareness of that presence, so that we give it expression.”