“I recently participated in From A High Place, in which David Karchere was our key guide. He brought a wonderfully creative mind, encompassing, compassionate heart, and generous spirit to this time and, with other faculty, created a rich container in which effortless transformation occurred. I found myself drawn up to that High Place by an invisible current, born of a deep love and respect for the way life works. He’s inspiring and enabling, and I’ve personally grown spiritually and stepped into ever-expanding leadership roles as a direct result of his teaching, support and encouragement. I highly recommend David as a world-class spiritual teacher.” AH ~ South Australia

“David Karchere is a master, orator, educator and visionary. I have had the enormous privilege and substantial spiritual benefit of attending and participating in David’s programs, services and classes in the last 10 years. My overarching experience of David, is of a passionate, sensitive teacher and orator. One who is inspired about what he does and brings. Consummately able to skilfully and practically articulate, demonstrate and pass on many tools of Practical Spirituality for negotiating these challenging times!”
SL ~ London, England

“David Karchere has been a spiritual mentor in my life since 2005. David’s teachings have guided me as a visual artist in unlocking personal creative energy. My heart is learning to feel compassion and love. My mind is discovering wisdom, beauty and truth. This evolutionary process of spiritual development with David has been, and is, ongoing frommoment to moment.” JAH ~ CO, USA

“David Karchere is a global spiritual leader and sacred activist. He leads by example and initiated an international impulse and movement called The Creative Field, a forum for deep exploration and transformation of personal and collective consciousness at a time that I believe to be a critical juncture in the evolution of Life on the Planet.” AB ~ Cape Town, South Africa

“David Karchere has been instrumental in my development as a spiritual leader. I have participated in many of the workshops he has facilitated and I have always felt empowered and challenged to go to the next level in my growth. He is wise, patient, compassionate, and totally dedicated to inspire people to awaken to the truth of who they are.” MF ~ California, USA