I wish I could take you with me to places in Southern England and Wales which are so full of ancient magic.



I am finishing a 12-day tour here with my dear friends, Ruth Buckingham and Phil Richardson. We have held four day-long sessions of Healing Chant. Gail Stewart offered a sound bath with gongs, chimes, singing bowls and her own voice as a part of these sessions.


Amphitheater at Caerleon

In between, we visited ancient sites, many of them associated with the King Arthur legend: Tintagel, where he was conceived; Glastonbury, the site of Avalon; and a Roman amphitheater in Caerleon, Wales, once thought to be the site of the Round Table.

We also visited ancient stone circles in Cornwall: The Hurlers, the Merry Maidens, and Boscawen-ûn.


Karen, Ruth and Phil

Ruth, Phil and I are doing research to create a transformational tour of these places in the autumn of 2017.

This poem shares my experience of the stone circles.

Standing Stones

I hear the voice of his people
through their warm presence now,
laughing on a day
so long ago
that has suddenly become today.

This October sun shines
on their ancient foreheads
and meets a fire
from within their cheerful heart
of loving stone.

Thank you, ancestors,
for this monument
to the ordering power of creation
pulsing within you then
and within me now.

-David Karchere

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