The Key to Attunement

Attunement Circle

The key to the practice of Attunement is the vital connection between conscious awareness, self-expression and the human energy field. The practice begins with the practitioner’s awareness of their own thinking and feeling state.

The practitioner can then creatively choose the aspect of their awareness on which they will focus. They choose what to allow to grow in their awareness. They choose what they say and do. And they choose what they will convey to other people through their emotional expression. These choices change their own personal energy field. That personal energy field is connected to other people, particularly when there is a level of emotional connection. So the energy field of another person, or a group of people, is uplifted in this process.

This process leads a person to the understanding that emotions—human  feelings—are not just things that happen to us. Emotions are also an energetic we are conveying to our world. When a person consciously chooses to let their emotional expression convey an aspect of universal love, they are a potent creative influence for other people.