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David Karchere

My name is David Karchere, and I am the author of "A Conscious Guide to the Opening to the Sacred Power of the Endocrine Glands", and of the bestselling book "Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life"..

I am the Director of the Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch. I’ve taught the principles and practice of Attunement for the past 20 years to people... worldwide — to people at the Novalis Centre in South Africa, the Omega Institute in New York; and in British Columbia, Norway, Australia, and many other places around the globe.

My travels have proven to me that Attunement is not unique to a specific type of person or people of a particular background. Attunement is the most pivotal issue for everyone and for all of us as humankind. It is our ability to tune in to what makes us go as human beings — to the source of life within us. It is our only hope to heal the world. Without our Attunement, nothing else works. With it, all else becomes possible.

Thoughts From the Author
“We are already a human being of warmth and light on the inside. It is our destiny to become a living embodiment of that on the outside.”
Watch the video to have a better understanding of the inner light power.
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David Karchere
“Your world needs your light. Your wisdom. Your intelligence. Your vision. You have the ability to light up your world so that the people in it can see.”
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Practicing Good Judgment

This Week’s Quotation: When you face the opportunity to take action, you are also facing all the times in your past when you took an action like the one you are facing now and it did not go well. …You can appreciate the fact that you are wise enough not to subject yourself to the

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The Wellspring of Possibilities

This Week’s Quotation: Maybe the possible is not really in the future. Maybe there are possibilities with us now in a premanifest state. It could be that all of what has not yet happened is waiting in that premanifest state,

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The Eye of the Beholder: Radiant Vision

This Week’s Quotation: Your Being begins in oneness. It begins in pure, unitary awareness. This is the sun nature that is you at your core. But you were not content to be just this one thing. You, as unitary awareness,

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Empowerment in the Highest

This Week’s Quotation: Empowerment in the Highest I believe we dance between two extremely different experiences of empowerment throughout our entire lives. One is founded in our mortal humanity and one is founded in our eternal Spirit. This dance is

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Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life

Attunement Cards

Printed Cards and Book

Enjoy this book of meditations and prayers that change consciousness, shift the human energy field, and open the sacred power of the endocrine glands. The unique images on the 49 cards evoke the transformation contained in the book.

There are seven cards for each of the seven major endocrine glands. Each card embodies the essence of one of the mini-chapters of the book.

Online Audios

Online Audios

Feel the sacred power of each endocrine gland opening as you listen to readings of each of the meditations and prayers contained in this book.

The readings are to evocative music. Powerful. Heart-opening. Transforming.

There are two readings for each mini-chapter, one in a female voice and one in a male voice. So there are two versions of each reading and seven readings for each of the seven major endocrine glands.
These Guided Meditations are offered on my learning community site, Becoming a Sun Programs.

Our Programs


We are making an online community what we’ve also wanted — a welcoming home online where you meet like-minded friends who are on a journey of discovery together.

Attunement is an energy medicine healing practice. It has been practiced and taught at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, USA continuously since 1952.

Our Primal Spirituality is the spirituality we were born with. But sometimes we can drift from what is most natural to us. Theses courses offer an opportunity for a major reconnection.

Healing Chant is an energy medicine practice that focuses spiritual radiation through the hands, in combination with the voice, to create a collective energetic field. 

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Join me for a weekly experience of meditation and prayer, celebration, and heart-opening worship.

I’ve been leading weekly spiritual services at Sunrise Ranch since the year 2000. If you live in Colorado, you can join us in person. Or you can join us online on Zoom or Facebook.

The services I lead are Attunement Services. They are an opportunity to attune to the source of Higher Wisdom, Love, and Presence that dwells within all people.

Our weekly services are rooted in the truth that is the original inspiration behind all faiths, all cultures, and all people. This truth is our primal spirituality, the original spirituality people innately know when they are born.

We welcome people of all faiths and of no religious background at all. We appreciate that people make a profound spiritual connection in many ways, sometimes with others and sometimes by themselves or in nature.

What we care about most is the reality that connects you and me and all people. In the middle of all our wonderful diversity, it calls us to know our oneness.

Another Opportunity

Looking for a powerful, uplifting experience shared with others?

Let’s reinvent spiritual community! Every week, I gather with friends and let a profound vibration rock
the house. 


Public Speaking

A learning journey to develop Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life! 

Attunement is an energy medicine healing practice developed by Lloyd Arthur Meeker. In 1952, he initiated a six-month residential training in Attunement at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, USA. Attunement has been practiced and taught here continuously since that time.

Returning to our Primal Spirituality is a process of unlearning what isn’t working and embracing what brings us joy. It is knowing the vigor that is at our core. It is allowing the urge to live our life as a loving person to take over. 

Healing Chant draws on our innate spiritual resources to promote wholeness and well-being for us and for our world. It is an energy medicine practice that focuses spiritual radiation through the hands, in combination with the voice, to create a collective energetic field. 

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