The Spiritual Intelligence Quiz

Understanding Your Spiritual Strengths

Have you ever noticed that you have spiritual strengths that most people don’t have? That there are things you see and understand that most people don’t? And that when it comes to some of the most essential elements of life, you have intuitive knowledge that most people don’t possess? 

Your Unique Spiritual Intelligence

This is your unique spiritual intelligence. And if you would like to find out more about it, I invite you to take this Spiritual Intelligence Quiz.

Spiritual intelligence is not so much about any ideas or beliefs a person might have. It is mastery in living a practical life based on a wise spiritual perspective. It is the knowledge that allows a person to bring spirituality to all areas of their life. It is what allows someone to know happiness and fulfillment on their life path. It is knowing yourself as a loving person, even in challenging circumstances. It is knowing an inner peace and confidence, even in trying times.

When Important Things Become Difficult

Most people have parts of their life where spiritual intelligence comes easily and naturally to them. And then there are other parts of their life that get difficult. There are times in their life when they don’t really understand what is happening or why; when they don’t see a creative answer to what is occurring for themselves or others. 

Relationships with friends, family, and loved ones can become challenging. Emotional issues can arise that sometimes seem impossible to resolve. And you can’t see the way forward. A person’s relationship with money can wind up in the ditch.

Most of us have blind spots when it comes to our spiritual intelligence. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that if we see what is happening and gain the emotional and spiritual intelligence we need. 

As a lifetime student of spiritual intelligence, and as an author and teacher on the subject, I’ve come to understand that for most people, there are facets of life that come easily. And others that challenge us. The people who live a fulfilling life learn to get strong in the weak places so they can be successful in all the dynamics of their life.

Are you interested in not only understanding where you have high spiritual intelligence but also where your blindspots might be? If so, I suggest you take the quiz.

David Karchere, Teacher and Author

David Karchere

My name is David Karchere, author of the bestselling book, Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life. Here is what I’ve found. The underlying formulas for happiness and fulfillment as a human being are simple yet profound. But where are you going to find them? How does a person raise not only their IQ and EQ, but their SQ? Their Spiritual Quotient, the most essential intelligence of all? 

Trying taking the quiz. It could be a good start.

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