is a spiritual teacher, visionary and leader of the global spiritual community Emissaries of Divine Light. David practices embodied spirituality, based on the understanding that all aspects of human experience can be filled with the deepest truth and the highest love now in this life. 

David writes for the weekly e-mail message distributed by Emissaries of Divine Light, The Pulse of Spirit. He also writes for the Journal of the Creative Field and his poetry was published in the collection The Sunlit Place We Dwell. David creates inspiring, empowering programs for spiritual awakening and personal development. He led the team that created the weekend intensive Journey Into the Fire. With the Trustees of Emissaries of Divine Light, he developed The Creative Field Project, a global network of small groups that meet monthly to further spiritual awakening and transformation. With Jane Anetrini, David developed the one-day Life Destiny Immersion; Full Self Emergence, a work-study program; and The Leadership Program, a yearlong training for people interested in coaching, mentoring and leading in a spiritual context.

David is also a composer and songwriter. He has produced two CDs: Open Green and Living Prayer. His songs carry deep, passionate love for the Divine in all its wondrous shapes and forms.

The core of David’s teaching is that an open and aware human heart is the window through which the greatest learning and fulfillment comes. His approach is based on this simple formula: Emotional intelligence creates spiritual intelligence, and spiritual intelligence is the basis for a fulfilling life. Thus, he offers programs that assist people to explore the unknown regions of their emotional experience and set them free. The goal of this process is to assist a person to open to the reality within, which inspires and empowers them.

David leads Sunrise Ranch, a conference and retreat center in Loveland, Colorado, bringing the work of thought leaders such Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Jonathan Goldman and Joan Borysenko to the world. Sunrise Ranch is also a thriving spiritual community that staffs the conference and retreat center and provides a home of homes for many people around the world.

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