Attunement is:

  • An energy medicine practice that assists people to access the healing power within them
  • An experience of feeling and expressing from our deepest core
  • A profound teaching for the spiritual regeneration of humanity

If you resonate with the process of attunement—with the process of accessing the power of love within all people that holds the potential for healing for us as individuals and for humanity—then I invite you to join us in a major initiative to bring attunement to the world.

There are many forms through which attunement may come. The forms have value if they assist the people involved to access the universal power and intelligence within them. Ultimately, it is attunement itself that we seek to bring to the world through whatever form facilitates that process.

Attunement is based on this truth: The secret to wholeness and vitality is within us. As B. J. Palmer, the great developer of chiropractic, taught: “The power that made the body, heals the body. It happens no other way.”

But it is not just the body that needs healing. If healing is the process of returning to a natural state of wholeness and well-being, then there is a great need for healing of the heart, healing of the mind, and certainly healing of the spirit. And while we may need to resort to Western medicine’s remedies under some conditions, those remedies, of themselves, do not heal. If they are effective, they may allow the healing power within a person greater opportunity to do its work. Or they may help to balance an imbalance that cannot be corrected some other way. They may also allow a person to function despite the lack of wholeness or health in some capacity.

Real healing comes from within, and it is the process of attunement that provides a person with access to that healing power. Or at least that is how it looks to us as human beings. From the standpoint of the healing power itself, the process of attunement gives that power access to the human capacity so that the power can carry forward its healing work.

You may never have thought of yourself as a healer. But I believe that all people have the potential to bring healing to others through the power of the attunement process. Even people who may seem to be the least likely to be healers have that potential.

I have a young friend, Eden, who is 17 years old. Eden has cerebral palsy and needs assistance to do many of the things that most of us take for granted. But to Eden’s friends, she is a hero. She brings an uncommon enthusiasm to her life and to other people. She becomes ecstatic if you do something she enjoys, and is ready to give you a fist-bump and a hug for doing it. At Christmastime, “Silent Night” is her favorite song. She looks forward to it all year, and overflows with joy when it is sung. And if, at any time, she thinks you look troubled, she’ll ask how she can help. I don’t know if Eden thinks of herself as healer, but she is. She brings healing to the heart and to the spirit, and now I’ve just brought some of her healing energy to you.
Allopathic medicine is very focused on the contagions that are part of the disease process. Meanwhile, the process of attunement is contagious. It passes easily from one person to another. So if you have found attunement from the healing energy within, you are making it accessible to anyone who begins to resonate with you. You are helping others establish more firmly their own connection to the resource within them.

Fortunately, many of our bodily functions are not controlled by the thoughts at the surface of consciousness. We don’t have to think about the control of our heartbeat or our digestive process. But somewhere within the depths of our subconscious mind and emotional body, attached to our endocrine and nervous systems, is the control mechanism for all our bodily functions. It is there just as surely as there are dials, levers and wires that control an airplane or a spaceship. And while our surface thoughts may not immediately impact the well-being of the body, they set in motion what is happening through the whole system. Those thoughts are taking us on a path of increased attunement with the healing power within, or a path that breaks that attunement. Thoughts over time create a person’s basic mental orientation. That orientation sets up emotional patterns that either open up portals to creative, life-giving current, or shut them down.

Those emotional patterns are embodied in the activation of the endocrine glands and in the release of powerful hormones within the body. That hormonal release is either balanced and creative or imbalanced, blocked and destructive. This process is well documented scientifically. What is left for us to do is to harmonize with the most creative approach to how the mechanism of consciousness works to bring attunement, wholeness and well-being.

When this process is working as it is designed to work, the person moves into greater attunement with their own life-giving energy. That energy emanates from such a person in greater and greater quantity through life as the experience of attunement deepens. And as attunement deepens, there are higher frequencies of spiritual resonance that emanate from the person. It is this emanation, expressed through their words and actions, backed up by the emotional body that is resonating with this frequency, that is contagious. We feel the inspiring, life-giving current from that kind of person and we resonate with it. We innately know that they have plugged into something that is very natural for us too.

However we bring it, this is what our world needs. It is what we, as human beings, need. Attunement with the universal power and intelligence within us. So this is a call to action. If you believe you have this gift to give, please join us in giving it in whatever way is available to you.

To launch this initiative, we are holding two Attunement Retreats this spring:

Sunrise Ranch
April 4–6
Loveland, Colorado

April 18–20
Abbotsford, British Columbia

Be there in person if you can. And in whatever way is available to you, be part of bringing attunement to the world.

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