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At the recent C2 Collective Summit in Sedona, Barbara Marx Hubbard had an enlightening way of describing what is happening on Planet Earth today. She compared humanity to a woman who is going into labor. Only the woman doesn’t know that she is giving birth. She doesn’t know that there is a beautiful baby who is being born. All she knows is that she is in terrible pain.

What a picture! There is so much in our world today that is like that woman in labor…terrorism in Paris and so many other places around the world, financial instability, and human ignorance all around. If you watch the evening news, there is almost no report of the baby being born. Mostly what you see is the pain.

The baby is the miracle of life being born every day through every baby who comes into the world. But it is far more than that. It is the birth of new consciousness through people around the globe. It is a new pattern of association among people that has a truly spiritual basis. It is people who are outgrowing the superstition and limitation of confining religious belief in favor of embracing our primal spirituality – the spirituality we were born with and the spirituality behind every true religion. It is a new transparency of mind so that humanity is touching an intelligence that goes far beyond any human invention or scientific research to date. And it is the experience of living with an open heart.

There is something inevitable about what is happening on the planet today. Whatever it is, I don’t think that you or I could keep it from occurring. What we can do is surrender to it. We can move with it so that it transpires through us. But what is it that is happening?

Clearly, it’s not all good. The labor pains show themselves as people clutching at old patterns of manipulation – through war, violence, and through economic, political and psychological domination. Who sees the baby being born? And just what is it that is transpiring?

At every level of the creative process throughout the universe, the power to create that is within the Creation animates Creation. That power to Create rests in the Creator – the real God that is within all people and within all things. It is the power within the atom, within the sun and within you and me. It is awesome, and under the right circumstances it is life-giving.


The Sombrero Galaxy

This power is not born from a God of religious belief, though much of today’s religious belief was born from a limited awareness of this reality. The power of Creation is born from the beingness of the cosmos – the Creator, the real God. This reality doesn’t depend on human belief. It is innate to human beings and to all Creation.

In the magic of the creative process, the Creation becomes the Creator for the level of reality in which it exists. This is what is happening for the sun. The Creator is within the sun, animating it, firing up all the atoms of the sun. So then the sun becomes the Creator for our solar system. It animates the solar system. Ancient cultures acknowledged this reality, though that acknowledgment was often colored with superstition. The Creation – the sun – has become the Creator.

This is what is happening for us as human beings. It seems like we are the Creation – a form of flesh and bones, imbued with this curious quality of consciousness. If we cling to the experience of being part of the Creation, we will experience ourselves as victims of our world.

But the Creator within us all is not only animating us. The Creator within us is transforming us so that we are becoming the Creator. The Creation is becoming the Creator.

If you look at all the labor pains that are present for people around the world, you will find that it is caused by people who are identifying themselves as the Creation – as victims – when in fact they are being transformed into the Creator. Resistance in that process is hell. Surrender – letting go to the process and becoming the Creator – is joy.

I think of this relative to the place where I live, Sunrise Ranch. On Thanksgiving Day we celebrated the 70th year of our existence. It was on November 26, 1945 that the deed to the core property of Sunrise Ranch was transferred to us. Celebrating this anniversary, I came to see that Sunrise Ranch is going through exactly this process. As the people of the Rainbow 002ARanch are becoming the Creator, the land, the buildings, and nature all around us is becoming the Creator. We are participating in the process by which the Creation becomes spiritualized. It is becoming the Creator.

Does that sound far-fetched? Let me explain. When people drive into this little valley and they gaze upon the red sandstone rock… When they look upon the pastures and the pines, they feel the spirit of the Creator. They feel the presence of the Creator. Because, to the degree that people in this valley have become the Creator, the valley itself has been transformed by its union with that spirit through people. The valley has become a home to the Creator. As I listen to the elk whistling outside my window tonight, I know that the Creator is present through His creatures and through Creation.

The world – the human world and the natural world together – are meant to be a living and breathing embodiment of the Creator. We are meant to be the Creator. The reality of this experience is the baby being born.

The iconography of Christmas tells of this process that has been at work in the human experience. The story of the baby Jesus tells of the opportunity of a person becoming the Creator. Truly, that story is not just a story of one man long ago. It resonates so powerfully in the human psyche because it is our story – the story of our destiny to be the Creator in human form; to be a human embodiment of the power of the Creator, which is Universal Love. So the next time you watch the evening news, recall the rest of the story, told so well in these words from the traditional Christmas carol, O Little Town of Bethlehem.

The hopes and fears of all the years

Are met in thee tonight.

They are met in you and in me. The fears of all the years are obvious enough, portrayed at great length in living color by the media. What is not so obvious are the hopes – the baby being born.

With you and many people around the world, I am letting that reality be present so that eventually all the world can know what is truly transpiring on Planet Earth today. We are becoming a sun. We are becoming the Creator.

The C2 Collective has changed its name to the Global Purpose Collective. Its website is Global Purpose Movement.

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