Emissaries of Divine Light

David Karchere is the Spiritual Director for Emissaries of Divine Light, a global community committed to the spiritual regeneration of humanity. Emissaries of Divine Light teach an embodied spirituality that is based on this simple understanding: Universal love and wisdom are meant to be known, fulfilled and embodied on earth in this life. David pours his heart and soul into bringing this simple understanding to the world. 

The Emissaries publish a weekly e-mail message, The Pulse of Spirit, which offers fresh insights into the evolution of human consciousness. They also publish the Journal of the Creative Field. Both are offered without charge.

Emissaries of Divine Light offers programs around the world that assist people to open emotionally and grow spiritually. Their goal is to bring healing at all levels so that human consciousness becomes whole and deeply connected with Divine Source.

The programs of Emissaries of Divine Light include Practical Spirituality, Life Destiny Immersion, The Deepening and The Art of Living.

The work of Emissaries of Divine Light is based in a knowing of the Divine origin of the human experience. They see this as primal knowing—the truly natural and normal state for all people, even though it is uncommon in our post-modern world. It is a state of knowing that is present in early childhood, and which should blossom and develop as a person grows. For most people, that process is disrupted by thought processes that become disconnected from the universal intelligence within.

Sunrise Ranch, in Loveland, Colorado, USA, is the headquarters for Emissaries of Divine Light. It is a conference and retreat center, a working farm and ranch, and a residential spiritual community. There are seven other Emissary Centers around the world.

Emissaries of Divine Light was founded in 1932 by Lloyd A. Meeker, who was known to many by his pen name, Uranda.

Martin Cecil led Emissaries of Divine Light from 1954 until his passing in 1988. Martin was David’s teacher and leader from the time he first met Martin in 1970, as a 17-year-old.

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