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Sunset Over Lake Loveland

What is the nature of the human journey? As I have walked the path of my own life, and witnessed the path walked by others, this is what I see: There is a profound misunderstanding of the nature of that journey. There is what is REALLY happening in a person’s life. And then there is what they think is happening.

What is really happening is that the energizing power of the universe that is within us – in the very atom of our body and in the depths of our soul – is trying to get out. It is trying to radiate through us and reach the world around us. And it is trying to do that not just as pure energy. That would be something like the detonation of an atom bomb. It would bring destruction, not creativity. It is trying to do it as us, in human form. What is really happening is that you are becoming a human sun.

This universal power within every person is Universal Love – agape. So the human journey is learning to let the love on the inside come out into our world. You can try to make your life about something else. But if that something else is not about Universal Love, you cannot be happy. You cannot be fulfilled.

It can seem so tempting to let your life revolve around something other than becoming a sun. It can seem to be all about survival; about finding the right person to have in your life; about money, or getting ahead. Life can also revolve around getting back at other people, or at an organization or government. It can become about envy of others, or wishing for something you do not have.

You can use anything you experience as part of your journey to becoming a sun. But as the defining reality of your journey, it is simply not true that the human journey is about anything apart from becoming on the outside what we already are on the inside—the power of the universe manifesting as a human being. And when a person has a profound misunderstanding of their own journey, they are playing the wrong game. They cannot be happy walking their own life path.

When you understand that in your heart of hearts, you are a loving person, no matter what has obscured that in the past, you understand that your life is all about finding ways to bring that love to the world. You are on the path to Becoming a Sun.