The Way of Stillness: An Attunement Retreat: April 4–6 and April 18–20, 2014

Attunement Circle

Upcoming Attunement Retreats

Sunrise Ranch
Loveland, CO
April 4–6, 2014
7:30 PM on April 4
until 12:00 noon on April 6
Abbotsford, B.C., Canada
April 18–20, 2014
7:30 AM on April 18
until 12:00 noon on April 20


Attunement is the practice of opening thought and feeling to the source of wisdom and love within all people. It is an energy medicine practice that increases the flow of life-giving energy through the body into the world, similar to Reiki or Healing Touch™. It is also a daily practice of personal spiritual centering and the expression of Universal Love.

The Attunement Retreat will teach and review principles, as well as encourage people to share personal experiences and explore other energy practices such as Healing Chant. Though the retreat is not a class, people of all experience levels and religious faiths are welcome. Even someone with no prior Attunement exposure would benefit. We will review the practice and principles of Attunement, and teach the foundational connection between consciousness, energy, wholeness and healing. David Karchere, Jane Anetrini and Hugh Duff will lead the Sunrise Ranch retreat; David and Hugh will lead the Edenvale retreat.

In this Retreat we will:

  • Share an enlightened understanding of the process of Attunement
  • Share individual and collective Attunement experiences
  • Learn and review the foundational aspects of Attunement practice
  • Learn and practice Healing Chant
  • Explore the magical connection between consciousness, energy and wholeness

 “The Way of Stillness: An Attunement Retreat”

The way of stillness…it quiets the thoughts and feelings that bring unhappiness and disharmony. And awakens the thinking and feeling that bring creativity, joy, connection and well-being.

The way of stillness is the deliberate, conscious practice of tranquility of thought. It is feeling connection to the power of love that is within all people. It is the consciousness practice that brings the experience of Attunement.

Join us for this profound engagement with the Attunement process. It will be a journey into a deeper knowing of the powerful, spiritual core within us. A confirmation of your ability to bring healing to other people. And an opportunity to share the Attunement experience with others.

The Retreat will be led by Attunement Teacher and writer David Karchere. Other experienced Attunement Practitioners and Teachers will be joining David in leading the program.

The Retreat is open to the experienced and the curious. To people who have their own experience of Attunement in whatever way, and to people who want to deepen that experience. We welcome those who have been practicing Attunement for many years and people who want to explore this energy medicine practice.

Cost: Donation; overnight accommodations and meals available for an additional fee


David's Portrait
David Karchere–David Karchere is a passionate and empowering teacher of practical spirituality. He is a writer, poet and spiritual director at Sunrise Ranch, a thriving conference and retreat center in Loveland, Colorado. He is the originator and developer of the practice of Healing Chant and director of the Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch. David teaches and facilitates Crucible Work, a process that frees the emotional body to resonate with high vibration.


Jane Anetrini—Jane is a Trustee and minister of Emissaries of Divine Light. She offers teaching and coaching for the Full Self Emergence work-study program at Sunrise Ranch and for people and other groups around the world. Through this work, she assists people in finding their own inner wisdom and strength, and their own deepest heart. Jane has been practicing chiropractic for nearly 30 years. As a health practitioner, she works with people to remove the blockages to life’s healing current.


Hugh Duff—Hugh is one of the seven Emissaries of Divine Light Trustees, is a dowser and Attunement practitioner. He is a teacher of Attunement Practitioner Certification classes and Right Use of Power workshops. He leads Transformation Groups, small circles of people who create supportive environments for personal life changes. As Regional Director with Emissaries of Divine Light, British Columbia, he offers spiritual guidance to people in their life journey. Hugh’s home base is Edenvale, a thriving spiritual center and conference and retreat center in Abbotsford, British Columbia.


Sunrise Ranch
Register online
Contact: Keahi Ewa
Phone: 970-679-4200

Contact: Barb Duff
Phone: 604-856-9401

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