Whole Person—Whole World

Ole Bull Folk Music Academy, Voss, Norway

April 25–27, 2014

Voss Norway

This seminar is about sustainable development of human beings and their world. Locally grown food, environmental protection, and questions about natural resources are well-known subjects. However, our world is built by people. What builds the human being? It is about discovering the sacred in life. It is about holistic living in a life-pattern of today.

In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Give your spirituality practical form
  • Activate your inspiration
  • Welcome the role of emotions in your life
  • Manifest love on Earth

Cost:  kr850 (includes lunch)


David Karchere–David Karchere is a passionate and empowering teacher of practical spirituality. He is a writer, poet and spiritual director at Sunrise Ranch, a thriving conference and retreat center in Loveland, Colorado. He is the originator and developer of the practice of Healing Chant and director of the Attunement School at Sunrise Ranch. David teaches and facilitates Crucible Work, a process that frees the emotional body to resonate with high vibration.


Ruth Buckingham—Originally trained in the theatre, Ruth’s life has proved to be a spontaneous improvisation in living with integrity. Her role as one of the international Trustees of Emissaries of Divine Light brings responsibility for walking her talk, and leading by example.


Phil Richardson—As one of the seven Trustees of Emissaries of Divine Light, Phil provides leadership and spiritual education internationally. He has more than 35 years of commitment to his spiritual path and training in Spiritual Education, Attunement and Emotional Work. He and Ruth coordinate Emissary activities in South Africa and the UK.


Kari ByeRegistration
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