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Maybe the possible is not really in the future. Maybe there are possibilities with us now in a premanifest state. It could be that all of what has not yet happened is waiting in that premanifest state, like the millions of eggs that a woman carries in her ovaries that have not yet created babies. One of those possibilities is born in the present moment.

~ Becoming a Sun p. 47

The Wellspring of Possibilities

Lana Roach
Lana Roach, Attunement Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher

Do you ever stare at the ceiling, wondering if your life is on autopilot? Or feel like your future is a pre-written script, with little room for detours or surprises? This quote offers a powerful idea: perhaps all possibilities already exist within us, waiting to be born.

Imagine each breath as a spark igniting a hidden dream, a million possibilities nestled within you like seeds waiting to sprout.

 I vividly remember a time when fear and doubt kept me stuck in a typical 9-5 job as a property manager in downtown Portland, OR. However, a burning desire to help others through energy medicine fueled a dream of starting my own healing arts business. However, a list of “reasons to stay” seemed endless—financial burdens, fear of the unknown.

That’s when I spoke with a wise teacher who suggested a seemingly crazy exercise: write down 100 possibilities, no matter how outrageous. So I took on that task, listing everything I could think of as a future possibility. It was tough, but by number 40, something magical happened. A possibility sparked a new idea, and then another, and suddenly doors I hadn’t seen before began to open.

The biggest shift wasn’t just the ideas, but realizing I truly could find a way. I soon transitioned to a four-day workweek and used those extra days to build my practice. The initial growth allowed me to fully transition, leading to a successful career doing exactly what I love, helping others find healing.

So, how can we tap into this wellspring of possibilities? Take a tip from my wise teacher: write down 100 possibilities, even the wacky ones! This simple act can shift your perspective and open doors you didn’t see before.

What possibilities await YOU today? Grab a pen, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

Let’s create a future brimming with potential!

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. How true that there are a wellspring of possibilities residing within each one of us. But these visions and potentials can only materialize and come into form as we are vibrantly alive in the present moment. Thank you for your present moment of radiant aliveness so evident in this blog, Lana!

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