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In the pursuit of wisdom, the gold standard is the clear understanding of the Creative Process—the unfolding pattern of Creation everywhere, and particularly in the human experience. What it is? How does it work? Who are you as a human being in relation to it?

The conventional ignorance is that it is impossible to know these things. Not so! We were born to know the Creative Process and our part it in it as human beings. Contrary to what is most often accepted without question, it is simple and easy to know.

So try this on for size. There is one thing going on throughout all Creation and in our own experience. It manifests in a myriad of ways. But there is one thing happening and we come into a knowing of what it is and how it works as we return to our primal spirituality—the spirituality we were born with and which is supposed to develop and blossom over a human lifetime. That one thing happening is the Creative Process.

Here it is: The Creative Process and how it works, summarized for your reading convenience.


The Creative Process exists to reveal the beauty and glory of Being for the pleasure and fulfillment of Being. In the human experience, it is to reveal the beauty and glory of the Being of the individual and the glory of all Being. That’s all. It is for the pleasure and fulfillment of planet Earth, the solar system, the universe, and of the Being within all humans.

Think about it. No other reason makes sense. In fact, any other reason a person accepts for the Creative Process in their life leads to misery and then more misery.

The human experience is filled with things other than pleasure and fulfillment. But even though those other experiences are present, that is not why we incarnated. They are not the reason for the Creative Process. They are just things that can happen along the way. This life, and all of life, is for revealing the beauty and glory of Being, and the pleasure known in that. When a person knows this deeply, all through their heart and soul, everything else can fall into place.

This truth has profound implications. Life changes when a person starts to notice the beauty and glory of Being all around them, and then begins to deeply enjoy it. And then begins to be an agent for the revelation of beauty and glory. You have the joy of showing on the outside who you are on inside. One of the ways I do that personally is to write a song. When someone sings that song, the magnificence I feel on the inside is now out in the world.

But joy comes from any participation in the Creative Process, not only from writing a song. That kind of opportunity is possible in all facets of a human life. And it isn’t just the enjoyment of one’s own creations. When I see a bumblebee light on a lavender flower, I am proud, glad and pleased. I am part of the creative power that made that happen, and I am part of the Creation in which it is happening. Yes!

How does it work?

All of Being is extending its power to raise up forms through which it can reveal its beauty and glory. You have done that with your human body. The intention is to create forms which are greater and greater revelations of your inherent beauty and glory. The forms themselves are not the point. What they reveal is the point. In the human experience, over 50 billion cells die every day. Cells are useful forms, but they are not the point. So you don’t mind them passing away because you are not focused on the cells. They are just temporary forms that assist you to reveal the glory of who you are. You want to experience the joy and fulfillment of your life.

In the same way, the physical forms of life are part of the Creative Process. None of them are forever. It is the evolution of forms, and the evolution of the Creative Process itself, that brings pleasure and fulfillment to Being; all Being, your Being. This transpires through the seasons of the year, a constant parade of change and evolution. It transpires through all our creations. It transpires throughout the entire human experience.

Whenever a form of life passes away, particularly one that is close to us, we feel sadness. It is natural when we are connected to Being incarnating in that form. In the same way, when any form of our experience changes, it can tug at the heartstrings. When you move from one place to another. When an important relationship leads to separation. Or when a friend dies. The key to letting the Creative Process work in our own experience is to admit our humanity—to acknowledge our affection for the forms of Being—but then to see past those forms to enjoy the Creative Process itself. That takes a kind of surrender of your own attachment and a surrender to the unfolding of the Creative Process.

The Unfolding Pattern

When you understand why the Creative Process of your life is transpiring, and you see how it works through a progression of forms, all of which come into being and then pass away, you begin to notice definite stages. In everything, from the creation of a song, to the birth of a baby, to the birth of a star, the same pattern is unfolding, always in its own unique way relative to the form involved.

Creation begins with love. That is certainly the beginning of the birth of a baby. The conception is caused by love. You may say that sometimes babies are not conceived in love. But even though we have the ability as human beings to participate in the Creative Process in an unconscious, distorted, murky, corrupt way, that doesn’t change the nature of the Process. It just changes the degree to which we know it and participate in it creatively. And the results reflect that.

When you see that all Creation begins with love, you know where to start. It could be a relationship; it could be a job. It could be a project or the forming of an organization. Love is the power of Creation, and therefore everything has to begin with that.

As human beings, we have a human heart—both the physical heart and the emotional body that is so closely tied to it—to let love into the Creation. The beginning and the root of all Creation in the human experience involves the heart. Not that the emotions themselves are the ultimate end and aim of Creation in the human experience. They are a form through which Creation works.

When you see the purpose of the Creative Process, and you begin with love, the rest of the process unfolds from that beginning. And if it seems to be going off track, you can always go back to the beginning. You can go back to love and work it out from there, knowing that the Creative Process is transpiring to reveal the beauty and glory of Being for the pleasure and fulfillment of Being. Your Being. All Being.


Who are you in relationship to the Creative Process? You are Being. And Being is the Creator. Yes, you are in the Creation, with a physical form and with all the aspects of form that go with the human experience—thoughts, emotions, and energy. You are part of the Creation in that way. But you are also creating all this form. And you are not doing so all by yourself. Every human being is doing the same thing with all of Being everywhere.

I understand that it doesn’t always feel like that. It doesn’t always feel like that for me. But that is what is happening. Who I am is creating this human experience, and the same is true for you. The more we awaken to what is really happening, the more pleasure and fulfillment we know in the Process.


Here is my conclusion to this enlightened understanding of the Creative Process: Nothing else matters. Even though we have many experiences as a human beings—pleasure, pain, ups and downs, challenges, worries and successes—nothing else matters but your greatest pleasure and fulfillment in Being. Be who you are. And if any other experiences are distracting you from that, acknowledge and accept those experiences, knowing they are part of the Process. Be grateful that you have the forms of your life with which you are creating, however you may experience them. But don’t let those forms become the focus of your life. Ultimately, they have the same kind of significance that the cells in your body have. They serve your purposes. And for all of Being, the purpose of Creation is the revelation of glory and beauty. That is your real purpose, and when you know it, you experience the most exquisite fulfillment and pleasure. Nothing else matters.

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August 2, 2014 4:06 pm

Thank you David.I enjoyed that! and it takes courage and perhaps a sense of being a bit outrageous to be willing to admit it’s always that simple….that it’s all for the joy and pleasure of Being…who I Am 🙂

September 1, 2014 10:11 am

Thanks David. I should read this everyday. “Surrender to the unfolding of the Creative Process”.

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