What your world, and the people in it, need most from you is for you to be a sun.

Your warmth… Your light…

Your world needs the gravity you bring that holds the flow of creation in its orbit.

These words are from the first chapter of my book, Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy and Fulfilling Life. I wrote them to myself while flying on an airplane in the spring of 2010. They contain a truth that inspires me to pursue the purpose and destiny that is uniquely mine. I believe that these words will be compelling for anyone who truly understands the meaning behind them. I believe it is the destiny of all people to become a sun.dreamstime_s_4373827

This is our human journey. My book puts forth the radical idea that all that is transpiring for humankind is about this. The creative intelligence and power that is in us is trying to get out. That urge lifts us to know the joy of what life on Planet Earth is all about. It is compelling us to give the gift we have to give to other people and to the world. It powers us through adversity and challenges of all kind.

The intensity of the sun that is at our core sometimes fries us up from the inside. If we sit on it, it burns our butt. If we try to bottle it up, we explode emotionally and spiritually. The same energy that is in the solar orb is at our core. And it wants out.

Most people I know have collapsed in upon themselves to some degree. Instead of allowing the creative urge within them to find full expression, they have resisted it, usually unconsciously. They have stopped themselves from committing the random acts of kindness that are natural to us all. They have grossly underestimated the creative power within them, and then gone about proving to themselves that their limitations are real.

dreamstime_s_3217620I know these tendencies all too well for myself. Through my whole life I have felt an overwhelming urge to let something beautiful, loving and creative occur in the world around me. And I’ve seen my own human tendency to feel disappointed when it wasn’t happening. I’ve seen my human tendency to project my disappointment on other people. I’ve felt the impulse to collapse and demand that the world make me happy when it didn’t seem at all inclined to do so.

Here’s what I’ve learned. What looks like challenge and adversity is really me wrestling with the dictates of my soul which compel me to express who I am more clearly, more deeply and more powerfully. It is me, feeling that greatest of urges from within myself to love more. To love, even when I hurt. To offer what is creative to another person, even when I feel crunched. To express the truth of who I am even when I feel afraid to do so. And then learning to say yes to my creative inner urge and let who I am pour out in expression to the world.

The deepest part of who I am is growing me. It is expressing through me. It is picking me up when I fall. It is strengthening me when I feel tired and urging me to carry on even when I feel I can’t take another step. Because somewhere deep inside I know I have more to give, more to share, more to say and more to create.

I believe this is happening for you, too. And for all people. Of course, we can say no. We can yield to the impulse that would have us become self-preoccupied and self-seeking. We can collapse in on ourselves. But as long as we have breath, the power of our own soul will be present, urging us to fulfill the destiny of our lives.

Even though we are unique as human beings, we hold this destiny in common. It is the destiny to become on the outside what we already are on the inside – a sun. That warmth, that light is the most real thing about any person. And we won’t be happy unless we are fulfilling our destiny to express it. We won’t be happy until we are becoming a sun.

My book is about this process. It speaks about the stages that all human beings go through, either willingly and happily, or resisting the process. It names how we are initiated into new experiences at each stage:

  • Blessing
  • Understanding
  • Taking Action
  • Fulfilling Mission
  • Enlightened Thinking
  • Courage
  • Grace

This is our human journey. I would encourage anyone to stop wrestling with the dictates of their own soul and to take the next step toward becoming the sun that thdreamstime_s_26813892ey already are inside.

I can’t wait to celebrate the conscious experience of this with people around the world when the book is published later this year.

The next time I write, I look forward to sharing some thoughts about the theme of the first chapter of the book: initiation into the experience of The Warmth of Blessing.