Great news on my book project! I have signed with a publisher—Best-Seller Publishing. I’ve already had conversations with their founder, Rob Kosberg, and with senior project manager, John Ireland. I’m excited all over again about the book.

I loved telling John about the nature of the book—who it is written for and what it might mean to a reader. I still picture it on someone’s nightstand, with them reading one of the short chapters—somewhere between one and five pages—every night. I picture them enjoying the short essays and poetry that take them on the wondrous journey that is our human destiny.

dreamstime_xs_28421040Depending on how you count it, it has been over a year since I’ve completed the manuscript for the book. I had gotten in touch with an agent to approach traditional publishing houses. It’s a common story. They said that I needed to hit certain social media goals before a traditional publisher would even look at the book. And when I exceed those goals, they added more. Sigh.

Along comes Rob and the book is back on its feet, ready to be published in about five months. And with Rob and his crew assisting me to tell the world about it.

Since the book was written, I’ve asked myself: Is it still relevant? Am I still excited about the theme? Many friends who I told about the book were disappointed in its delay. I’ve even given two 4-day workshops based on the book, which went wonderfully well. But no book!

After my first in-depth meeting with the publisher, I reviewed the manuscript. I was concerned that it might need some further editing from me, particularly the Introduction. I was delighted to find that I am happy with it just the way it is! The only change I am making is in the subtitle. Tell me what you think. The whole title of the book as I see it now is: Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life.

SunStonesI confirmed for myself that the book outlines the nature of the profound process that we are engaged in as human beings—becoming on the outside what we already are on the inside: a Being of overwhelming love and great wisdom.

It seems to me that the process of publishing this book—everything from the original ideas that I shared about it with a friend, until now—has been part of a process of birth. There was the original conception—intense conversations and then a highly imaginative writing process. And then there was a long period in the womb. The project went dark, even in my own mind.

Now the birth is imminent. As I survey everything about the project, it seems like the stars are aligning. I found a publisher who will help me promote the book. Media opportunities are coming to me. My workshop is developed and is now a proven success. Most of all, I am ready. It feels like this is the year for me to present the insights within the book to the world.

Isn’t this how the creative process works? Isn’t this how our life works as human beings? Before the new can be born—anything new—we must traverse the darkness that precedes it. That darkness can be filled with doubt, discouragement and worse. It can be filled with the question, Is the hope that I had for this new opportunity for real? Is it really happening? Will the new ever be born?

Those questions can shake a person to their core. They can make a person question themselves as a person and as a creator. They can cause them to question their ability to manifest what is important to them in their life. And long periods of darkness can lead to an impatience that causes a person to abort a cycle of gestation and birth.

Sometimes friends don’t help. They may be well meaning, but still… Asking what you are waiting for or asking if it is ever going to happen may not be exactly encouraging.

If you are facing a period of darkness in your life—short or long, twilight or the dark night of the soul—I offer you this thought from my own experience. The most significant births in our life—whether a human baby, a book, a new job, a new relationship, or anything else—are preceded by a time of darkness. The more significant the birth, the more darkness is needed to let what is to be born grow and develop.

dreamstime_xs_11322332So be good to yourself in the darkness. Nourish your soul as you nourish the promise of what is to be born. Keep it alive in your dreams and in your heart. Surround the unborn reality with your love. And wait like a patient mother for the day of the precious birth. Just because it has not happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Just because it isn’t happening in the way you expected doesn’t mean in won’t happen another way.

Whatever your worst thoughts may be, you are a creator here to live a happy and fulfilling life. You are giving birth to the new, even if it is taking some time for that birth to come to pass.

In my next article, I look forward to sharing more of the central theme of Becoming a Sun–the way we increase our emotional and spiritual intelligence so that we know greater joy and fulfillment in our life.