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Here’s the replay of the webinar New Year, New Life:  Initiating 2016 conducted live from Sunrise Ranch.

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January 31, 2016 7:10 am

I was watching/listening to you speak early this morning—I just love every moment of it. I appreciate what you said about inoculation—it does serve a purpose when needed! I don’t know that I can reply to every thing you mentioned but I DO KNOW that as a creator I Am present with You to create something new in 2016…and in order to do this 2015 needs to be left behind, not to be remembered—good or bad. My focus is in Reality, the Center of who I Am and I am excited about what is to come and to be in this New Year, even though in this moment I don’t know the details of what will transpire. But this I know: I am here and ready to create with my Creator and make all things new…not necessarily all new things.
Thank you, David, for the availability of this provision. I’m sure I’ll be viewing it again!

Irene de Groof
Irene de Groof
February 1, 2016 1:15 pm

A great year is already happening first my vibrant health …and healing of past time stories for my family it opened up real intamate questions from my kids to me and Love is flowing continually between us
as well there are new friends in my Life I feel a new passion contained in my heart and not projected outwardly .But I like to stay with my deepest questions from my soul ,for finances relations and find my way to inspire others aswell thank you for that suggestions aswell as your inspirations and your enthousiasm and deep Love suggestions
Irene with passion

February 1, 2016 8:28 pm

Thank you so much for making this enlightening video available for viewing. Having missed the call, I am thrilled to experience the creative juices invoked by your inspiring words and spirit. I am looking forward to 2016 and what I/we create. Much love and thank you David.

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