Upon Your Holy Mountain

It seems I never spend time

with the late-afternoon breeze

so filled with pine,

or walk high into the peaks

to feel your sun upon my head

and breathe the chill of snow

that has cooled the mountain air.


It is in those golden hours

that I think your new-born thoughts,

shining with star light

in the azure blue of the August sky.

And I am with you,

feeling the peace of knowing

my place among the elk and deer,

the moose and the falcon

that inhabit the wild wooded hills

of your domain.


So I go to be with you,

To talk and tell you of my life;

To seek your wisdom,

and the sunlit embrace of your love.

Upon your holy mountain,

I will rest my soul,

always held

in the vastness of your spirit.

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David Karchere


14 Responses to Upon Your Holy Mountain

  1. Thank you so much for this page, such lovely, moving pieces, I have just returned from albeit a happy tea party, but rather noisy. So the Peace here on this page has soothed and up lifted me. Margaret

  2. Most, most beautiful expression of Love, David. I couldn’t help but feel, even know, in depth what you described here. It is a picture of your own personal experience and knowing, extended to anyone and everyone to experience and know oneself. Although I don’t physically live close to a mountain, I nevertheless know in my heart what your sweet and powerful poem says here, and I am with you in this; therefore, Upon your Holy Mountain, I will rest my soul, always held in the vastness of your Spirit. Thank you so much, David, for sharing with us your pure love of, and for, your Holy Mountain.

  3. I can feel the mountain breezes and know the peace that the wild has to offer, if I will only look up and be open to this magic. I offer my spirit as one among many, loving to know I am home on this holy planet. Wish I was living in those mountains again. Hopefully soon. Thank you for your peaceful words.

  4. Thank you for sharing in Love , the beauty of the Earth , the Mountains the Sun the soft breeze .
    Just to tune into this atmosphere is a great gift .
    After a day to get my hands on things ,

    Love and joy Irene

  5. Upon your Holy Mountain all life breathes and beats and speaks of your heart of loving embrace of being in your grace of presence.

  6. I love your beautiful poem about the Holy Mountain David, it is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! Lots of love, Johanne

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