It happened! My first Becoming a Sun workshop at Sunrise Ranch! Thank you, Keahi Ewa, who assisted me. And thank you to the sixteen open-hearted souls who took the journey with us.

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Last year, Keahi and I brought the Becoming a Sun workshop to Riverdell in South Australia and to Cape Town, South Africa. Both events were empowering and life changing. And still, there was something special about doing this in my home, Sunrise Ranch, in the United States and in the northern hemisphere for the first time. And it was really special being the Chalet on Green Ridge, among the pines and granite boulders.

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The workshop follows seven steps to emotional and spiritual intelligence. It was deeply gratifying to see people embrace the steps. We were witness to a profound openness, and because of that, profound learning.

The participants wanted to share their experience with people who might consider attending this workshop in the future. Here is some of what they said.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to look at their own personal human experience, who wants to gain understanding, knowledge, and grace in four short days. It was life changing. ~ P.F.

David’s workshop, Becoming a Sun, went so much deeper than I could have ever imagined! It was truly magical and has certainly changed my life. ~ E.L.

My heart aches with gratitude to David and Keahi for their living, breathing example and modelling fierce grace, authenticity, and clarity. ~ R.W.

Such a great educational experience of emotional and spiritual intelligence, deeply shared in the hearts of willing and loving people and the skilled teachers at Sunrise Ranch ~ M.C.

So… if you want some of this in your life, join Keahi and me for the next Becoming a Sun workshop. It will be at Sunrise Ranch from November 1-5. Click here to find out more about the workshop.

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Here is more of what the participants said about the workshop.

I guarantee that you will have tremendous insights into your own nature that will be both freeing and empowering. ~ S.H.

Beautiful, loving, kind, honest and life changing. ~ L.M.

This course is powerful. I was able to feel transformational shifts. ~ C.W.

A true experience that has power and sustenance. It will stay with me for months down the road, even years. This feeling I have now is that feeling of sustenance that will feed my soul for a very long time. ~ C.M.

I had no idea that this course was exactly what I needed until I was immersed in the experience of it. I leave this time filled with joy and grace and a deep appreciation for my life and all that is possible in the living of it. Thank you for this awakening of a lighter, brighter me. ~ U.F.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to do deeply transformational work held and supported by truly amazing individuals. ~ B.C.

Becoming a Sun is a workshop that allowed me to experience the 7 virtues in a powerful, transformative way. I experienced a deep healing from a past incident that will allow me to live a much happier, more fulfilled life going forward. ~ P.M.

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July 22, 2016 9:10 am

Blessed are they who have opened their hearts to the highest and finest that is in their soul. Blessings to you David, Jane and Keahi for creating this space for magic to happen. Much love to you all. Nadeja

Linda Moore
Linda Moore
July 22, 2016 9:03 pm

It did happen in a loving, kind, courageous surround of nurturing by Ke’ahi and David. Being present in ‘Becoming a Sun’ is a life-changing, transformational experience in clearing and cleansing ‘the stuff’ that has held us prisoners in the prisons we have thought to be our destiny.. I encourage everyone,who is willing, to participate in this experience of emotional and spiritual intelligence to begin anew.

Linda Moore
Linda Moore
July 26, 2016 9:17 pm

Me, too, miss you.. I arrive, arise tin a profound place of peace and stillness in the midst of chaos of moving. All is well in moving forward step by step.

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