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Evolutionary Change

This Week’s Quotation: How open are you to be just what this circumstance needs? To be as hard and as strong as the circumstance requires, as big and as powerful, as enduring, as tenacious, as decisive as this circumstance requires, willing to say yes

The Vibration From Inside

This Week’s Quotation: There is a vibration coming from inside all things, and there is a rhythm to it. The human rhythm can be out of sync with the vibration emanating from within the human experience. If that happens to a car, or some other mechanical device—if a moving part is out of sync and

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Courageous Dynamism

This Week’s Quotation: Courageous Dynamism Before I consciously began my spiritual exploration, I grabbed and clawed at my world for selfhood, love, excitement, and purpose—all the things that I now know are vivaciously flowing through me. I’ve learned that when

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Grace of the Great Mother

This Week’s Quotation: We each have the potential within us to be that one who brings this message of the Great Mother. We might use words to bring it. But beyond words, somehow, at unseen levels of communication among us

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Love Is God

This Week’s Quotation: Russian writer, philosopher, and social activist Leo Tolstoy said this in Thoughts of Prince Andrew, Book 12, chapter 16, on the topic: All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Everything is, everything exists,

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Newly Forming Community

This Week’s Quotation: As I listened to the personal stories and looked at the faces around the room, I saw more tears. First, just one or two. As the session continued, I realized that I was in the middle of

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The Realm of Angels

This Week’s Quotation: There is a creative field being held by angels. There is an already-existing field that you and I did not have to invent. It does not depend or rely on us in any way. Our experience as

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