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Reaching Critical Mass

This Week’s Quotation: We reach critical mass when we have manifested a viable, growing, energetic form in the middle of our creative field. The critical mass is not the form alone but also the dynamism of that form. There is a time in the

The Suggestibility of the Emotional Body

This Week’s Quotation: The truth is that the emotional body is ready to listen to the thoughts of somebody, and it is not necessarily wise about who the ideas come from or what they are. It is the nature of the emotional body to respond to ideas. The only question is, which ones? Without the

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The Magical Powers of Consciousness

This Week’s Quotation: You live in the center of a field of consciousness, mostly your own. There also is the consciousness of other people. Then there is a divine consciousness and presence that fills your creative field. Most importantly for

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The Grace of the Great Mother

This Week’s Quotation: What I notice is that when the grace of God is present through a person, those around them recalculate their lives. They sort their lives out in a different way. Perhaps they have been trying to sort

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The End of Oppression

This Week’s Quotation: So I have come to believe that most of humanity is suffering from a psychology of oppression—even those who seem to be in the role of the oppressors. That it is because of that oppression that we

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We Are Becoming a Sun

This Week’s Quotation: You find yourself at the center of a field of awareness. In that field, there are worlds within worlds, overlapping and interrelating, all composing the one field of awareness with you at the center. Copernicus discovered that

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You Are Universal Love

This Week’s Quotation: The Being who is the truth of who you are longs to enter your soul and to enter the world in which you live. It takes courage to come to the place of recognition that you are

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The Realm of Angels

This Week’s Quotation: What is possible for a person and what is potential in this world might seem to be a dream relating to some future time. What is possible might seem to be nonexistent, something that might take form

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