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There is the divine feminine within all Creation. She has been called by many names: Gaia, Mother Nature, Mother Mary, the Goddess, and many more. She is Sophia, who is wisdom, and Aphrodite, who is love. She is the queen of heaven and earth. She is made flesh in every woman, even though her reality might be distorted by clouded consciousness. She is embodied in all Creation. Who wouldn’t love and serve her? Who would not protect her? Who would not celebrate her being in all her forms and embody her in their life?

The divine masculine is within all Creation, and he has many names: Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Adonai, Prince of Peace, and Lord of Love. He is within all people and within all Creation, and made flesh in every man, even though his reality might be distorted by clouded consciousness. Who wouldn’t serve him with their life? Who wouldn’t love and honor his Being and his presence?

~ Becoming a Sun p. 150-151

Divine Feminine and Masculine

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

This is a remarkable time in the spiritual life of humankind. With the rise of science and technology and the values of our post-modern society, many people have walked away from traditional religion. In Western culture, there is a search for something to replace the prominent part that religion plays in people’s lives. So, our society adopts humanistic values. Authors and speakers promote self-help techniques, new-age spirituality, meditation, and more. In the process, Divine Being is often airbrushed out of the message delivered.

Meanwhile, humanity suffers from a global epidemic of loneliness. In a recent Gallop-Meta survey taken across 142 countries, 1 in 4 adults report feeling either very or fairly lonely.

For some, a return to traditional religion and religious community might assuage the loneliness. But for many, the rigid opinions of religious people prevent the seeker from finding the reality they seek, so religion proves to be fool’s gold—they can’t find an authentic experience of spirituality that would fill the hole in their heart.

What to do? Belief in God, by whatever name, is not a surefire answer. There are plenty of lonely, desperate people with that belief. What we need is a genuine, deeply heartfelt, intuitive connection with the Divine. And I’m not speaking of the Divine as only of a power, a principle, an idea, or a belief. I am speaking about touching the living Presence of the Divine for real.

It is not that this is the only element of spirituality. There is the reality of what we share with other human beings and, with the natural world, and more. But when we stop airbrushing Divine Presence out of our conscious perception and cultivate an awareness of it in our life, the rest of our spirituality can begin to fill in. We fill the hole in our own heart and begin to heal the epidemic of loneliness that afflicts the heart of humanity.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. “What we need is a genuine, deeply heartfelt, intuitive connection with the Divine.”

    Without this – I know I would be lost….

  2. Yes, I agree. Although “love songs” seem to be about people who are in loving relationships, I have noted how many are from lonely people SEEKING relationship … and of course the blues focus upon loneliness and lost relations … If you look at literature, theater, psychiatric offices (apparently 1 in 3 Americans see a psychiatrist in their lifetime) there is loneliness everywhere. … and then there is the EXTREME loneliness of the homeless, the orphaned, the the unwanted immigrant, the dying senior without family the permanently incarcerated, the war survivor, and child abused by parents, and on and on. It is up to me to heal my own heart to contributing to healing the heart of humanity. I am with you in this purpose in the purpose of being a lighthouse for the lonely where they may find friendship and purpose. Love, Tom C.

  3. The experience of loneliness seems to be intensified during the holiday season each year. And while many seek to assuage it with traditional religion, may we bring the only certain and authentic remedy: “a genuine, deeply heartfelt, intuitive connection with the Divine.” May we fill our Christmas not just with presents, but with PRESENCE!

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