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There is a time in the life of every creative field for critical mass to be attained, a time when the creative power that is bursting through that field— and everyone in it—has to be embraced. The pivotal factor in reaching critical mass for the creative field you inhabit is consciousness. Consciousness is pivotal because changes there change the rest of the field. It is through shifts in consciousness that a critical mass of creative energy can be achieved that transforms the entire field.

~ Becoming a Sun p. 123

Let There Be Light

Maria Zayas, Teacher, and counselor of the heart and soul

There is a wisdom to honoring the cycles of life that flow like waves—waves of infinite combinations of amplitude, wavelength, and frequency. Every pattern has a unique vibrational signature, whether it be patterns of human expression or of the genetic code of plants and trees. Like the images in the kaleidoscopes of our childhood!

Only the waveforms of life are multidimensional. What complexity is inside every strand of that pattern, every cycle of its existence! Every twist and turn and point of intersection is relevant and meaningful. If, for some reason, any of these elements were to be altered, the entire pattern would change!

What about the patterns of our own living, our choices, our service in our own creative field? Are we up for a little change? As we live in the consciousness of love and discernment, we honor and enhance the tapestry that is constantly emerging in the work of art that is our life, and it changes everything.

Living with thoughtfulness and care for the Divine Source of Being brings us into a synchronized, coherent space of waveforms that are in phase and amplify one another according to the design of Life. We become sensitized to the flow of Life, and we deeply and unequivocally know what is called for in each cycle, and we embrace it. This shift in consciousness allows us to live in attunement with All That Is and changes everything!

Are you up for a bit of change? Let us live in the consciousness of the Sun, and let there be Light!

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. HI Maria. Many thanks. I am in full agreement. I appreciate what you wrote:
    “There is a wisdom to honoring the cycles of life that flow like waves—waves of infinite combinations of amplitude, wavelength, and frequency.” Yes, I think there has been a tendency among many people, my self
    included in earlier days — to push and pull one’s way through life to get what one wants and avoid discomfort. And yet the cycles of life run rough and smooth for all of us and there is value in giving just as much thanks for the rough as the smooth. I appreciate your insights. Also, for anyone reading, the on-line course, subscription, and other opportunities reported on this site are wonderful opportunities. Love, Tom

  2. Thank you, Maria. I loved reading your blog.
    I have named this new cycle that we find ourselves in, ‘the next generation cycle’, which does not mean waiting for the younger people to get on with it, but opening myself, and ourselves as a collective, to the beautiful fullness of all the light waves that may come through us at this time. A Critical mass is needed indeed. I join you in opening to changes necessary to allow more light to flood through us so that we may become a ‘solar collective’ for others to open to.
    Holding the waves of Love and Light as we allow the changes to open us some more.

  3. Thank you Maria! In the beginning of the biblical text of Genesis after the heavens and Earth were created (the void) the next thing that was declared was “Let there be light”. Without light there is nothing. Everything is a reflection of light.I believe that the vibration of light is the same vibration as Love. The inner light we can emanate is the power of Love, aka the Sun within us. Thank you again💕

  4. Good to be riding this wave with you Maria. Thank you for calling all of us to “shine” a bit brighter.

  5. Thank you, Maria, for sharing your thoughts and meditations with us. What a wonderful way to give visible manifestation to the invisible realms of being.

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