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Practicing Good Judgment

This Week’s Quotation: When you face the opportunity to take action, you are also facing all the times in your past when you took an action like the one you are facing now and it did not go well. …You can appreciate the fact

The Wellspring of Possibilities

This Week’s Quotation: Maybe the possible is not really in the future. Maybe there are possibilities with us now in a premanifest state. It could be that all of what has not yet happened is waiting in that premanifest state, like the millions of eggs that a woman carries in her ovaries that have not

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Claiming the Gift of our Origin Story

This Week’s Quotation: Claiming the Gift of our Origin Story We are descendants of survivors. What did they do to live beyond the circumstances they faced? What ways of Being served their journey that allowed us to experience life today?

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The Warmth of Blessing

This Week’s Quotation: What first occurs when the sun comes out in your experience is that your emotional body basks in its radiance—the waters of your soul are warmed. The emotional body loves to feel our warmth. It loves to

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What is a SUN?

This Week’s Quotation: It is our personal and collective destiny to become a sun—to become on the outside what we already are on the inside: a conscious presence of Universal Love. This destiny is behind everything we experience as human

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Stoking the Fire

This Week’s Quotation: When faced with the coldness of other people, or the coldness of the world, return that coldness with your warmth. And in the fire that fuels your warmth, transform what the world gives to you without reaction.

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Opening the Window to the Light Within

This Week’s Quotation: Truly spiritual people are not only seeking a spiritual experience. They are having a spiritual experience, and they are embodying that experience as fully as possible in their lives. They are building a body of love. Our

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Empowering Yourself

This Week’s Quotation: Empowering Yourself Sometimes, I want to wallow in my sorrow and be in my anger about being wronged. Have you ever experienced that? When you’re in “a mood” and someone comes along with positivity and love—you’d rather

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