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Can you view your own emotional realm as pristine? There might be things rotting in there. There might be all kinds of storms and lots of transformation occurring. But just because there are storms and transformation in nature does not take away from the pristine quality of the natural world. The same is true for a human being.

~ Becoming a Sun p. 230

Pristine Primal Spirituality

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

In last week’s post, I described the natural world as pristine, even though it is dirty, full of things that are rotting, and full of animal waste. Despite all that, we walk through a forest or gaze from a mountaintop at the valleys below, and feel the pristine quality of the Earth, marred only by human civilization.

Why don’t we have the same kind of view of ourselves?

Our primal spirituality is our original spirituality. It is built-in. Like nature, which can be covered over by human development almost to the point of total obscurity, our primal spirituality can be covered over by our own personal brand of human sophistication until our knowledge of ourselves as pristine is lost.

I lived in New York City for nine years. At first, all I saw was pavement and buildings. But gradually, I began to see the awesome geography of that part of the world. I gazed at the palisades across the Hudson River. I walked past the rock outcrops, lakes, and ponds in Central Park. I sailed up the East River, past the UN building, and under the 59th Street Bridge.

I learned that even with all the concrete, steel, and asphalt, Mother Nature was still present. She still presided over her world.

Are we not the same? There is so much from the post-modern culture that is laid upon our hearts and souls. Emotions and moods can be like hurricanes, droughts, blizzards, and cyclones. And yet, under and through it all, Mother Nature presides. Our primal spirituality is still there. And it is pristine.

The holidays of this season celebrate the pristine nature at the core of every human being and its awesome power. I invite you to embrace your pristine primal spirituality with me now.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. I was once told that there is an angel at the core of every human being, the presence of sacredness. I have found this to be true even in the midst of the drought and upheaval of human expression. What is essential to see this reality is acceptance of this fact for oneself. Touching and honoring my pristine nature changes everything. It doesn’t remove the responsibility for attention to my expression and interactions with others. It highlights the primal reality that allows things to transform and for things that do not belong to rot away with ease and pleasure. No one wants rotten things in the midst of the pristine beauty, so we let them move to where they rightfully belong. Those things are also pristine when they are allowed to partici[ate in things accurately

  2. I accept your invitation to embrace my own pristine primal spirituality with you, David. And I embrace that same primal spirituality that dwells within every human being on the face of the earth. Let us go forth boldly into the New Year celebrating that Divine birthright!

  3. I certainly agree with Jane … and it is a joy to begin my day with your and her spirit as we awaken here in Hawaii. I had always thought that “pristine” meant “sparkling clean” – and yet that is only one of its definitions. It describes “the way things were originally” which means the PRIMAL identity of an object or event or being. It also means unsullied or uncorrupted. So that might mean PURE as in “blessed are the pure in heart”. Finally, another primary definition of “pristine” is NEW and FRESH. So pristine is the perfect work to describe the new Heaven, the new Year, this new and fresh moment spirit brings forth. How beautiful this is that one word describes what is in the original state while yet being fresh, new, and pure. Amazing! May that be my spirit and not just a set of definitions. THANK YOU, DAVID. Love, Tom

  4. For many years my primal spirituality was covered over by religion and a mountain of other human programming. But now, thanks in part to your guidance, David, and other men and women of wisdom, it has risen again to the surface of consciousness and is flowing radiantly into my living.

  5. My own emotional realm is ‘relatively’ pristine thanks to the many years of intentional emotional healing work on myself once I took responsibility for my emotional wellbeing after years of exposure to domestic violence as a child that was happening even while I was in utero and which also lead to my premature birth as a result of a particularly violent episode of domestic violence as related to me by my mother years later. I don’t think I had any sense in those early years of any ‘primal spirituality’ – I was too traumatized – but having done that conscious ‘personal growth work’ since – especially after giving myself permission to cry at the age of 15 – and undergoing significant spiritual growth since, I can now say that I am in touch with the primal spirituality that you speak of. It’s my True Nature. It’s the God That I AM within. But I only found that through my conscious choice to work on my shit and let it out – i.e. to heal my emotional pain body first.

  6. Even though we went to church each week when I was a child – and even though I almost trained as a Minister in Unity Church – what I remember most is how my parents treated each other and my brother and me – and how they treated friends and neighbors and people in general – that was my most spiritual training – watching and learning from my parents who were very spiritual and yet I don’t think they ever used that word – but that’s where their hearts and souls were. For a long time now – they have simply been angels.

  7. I have been doing a lot “peeling” in the past 3 years and its a journey of peeling and growing in the spirit my “mantra” these days is ,God is I am.Thank you for your beautiful messages, they give me comfort in these uncertain times of my personal life

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