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This ancient Briton sun cross symbolizes four cosmic forces at work in the human experience. The elemental names for those forces are water, air, earth, and fire. If you were a Creator Being with four cosmic forces, and you were ready to incarnate in living flesh, wouldn’t you create a form that was uniquely suited to manifest those four cosmic forces? That is exactly what happened. Your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies are instruments for your incarnation and your creative power.

Becoming a Sun p. 71

The Rosetta Stone for the Human Experience

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

The Rosetta Stone is a tablet from 196 BC with three versions of a decree. Because each version contains the same content, it became a key through which the world discovered the meaning of previously inscrutable Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Today, people use Rosetta Stone as a metaphor for anything that shows the essential clue to a new field of knowledge.

So what is the Rosetta Stone for the human experience?

We are! Now that might be a silly, self-referential statement. Except that most people overlook their immediate experience. They don’t really see what is happening within the four walls of their human capacities.

My book is all about the mad discovery I made that the human capacity is our Rosetta Stone. Our emotions, thoughts, physical body and spiritual nature, and their dynamic interaction are the keys to reality. If we can get eyes on that for ourselves, we can understand ourselves. And if we can see and understand ourselves, we come into a new kind of mastery for our lives.

Beyond that, if we see and understand ourselves, we can see and understand another person. And a whole group of people. And the world!

That is because, at every level, from the micro to the macro, the same processes are at work—what we feel, how we think, what is happening with our physical body, and what is at work in our spiritual nature. And how all that dynamically interacts.

And how about the mystical reality beyond the human world? It is all registering in the human capacity, as the quote from my book suggests. So the human capacity is a map to understand that too.

I could write forever on this, but I’ll stop now. If you would like to know more, go ahead and order my book, Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. For me Attunement is the Rosetta Stone for acquiring new knowledge about our Creator. When I am really attuned to Source, I begin to see things through His eyes. Likewise, He can see through my eyes, taste through my palate, feel through my heart. Isn’t that why He created man? In Attunement, He is not only able to enjoy these earthly delights through these capacities He created for this purpose, He is able to act. Thereby His will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

  2. Awesome, David. It is inspiring and fascinating to see how the threads of reality are weaving together as we wake to the power within. Thank you for making that connection.

  3. When we enter into self discovery and the personal journey aren’t we then life alchemists. I see symbology in many areas where we can relate to self, and knowing self an art depicted as you say in the three areas of written symbols on the Rosetta stone which allowed us to decipher hieroglyphs. Visiting the stone many times in the British museum I felt so honoured to pour over it, just the realisation of its importance to the world historically. Viewing it at other times examining the scholarly attention that moved the Egyptian King to have something so intelligently created so their culture wouldn’t ever be forgotten but understood thousands of years later. That was the magic of pure intelligence of their time and realising that I felt a huge connection between the linage of those fine cultures never wanting to be forgotten and wanting their race to be known for all time.

    My own alchemy is to know myself first, and yes to know myself first is to harness the power to know others. The alchemists too created a science of symbology fascinating depictions to depict the elements of healing and creation.

    If we look for symbols as a way to grow more into ourselves they will appear. If we have the urge to want to understand them more the knowledge will present itself for us to learn.

    We all have intricate ways of self discovery – it’s finding that potent link to charge the flow of interest which sparks the understanding of our own individual growth.

    I see more symbols showing themselves in every day living and we must continue to be hungry enough to learn what they are teaching us.

    Using the Rosetta Stone as a metaphor is interesting and yet if we all discovered what our own individual stimuli is, then we discover how beautifully unique we all are. My vision from just that thought is what a magnificent graph that would be. That’s the alchemy of me understanding me.


  4. Beautiful David – thank you – a reminder that we are already a blessing to ourselves and others – when we get out of our own way. Love to All….

  5. Thank you for this clear introduction to living a creative life; how the four cosmic forces are designed to work through the conscious function of a person! To observe these forces in my own experience has been most useful and creative, and it is a continual practice of self-awareness.

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