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A true sovereign—someone who offers real service to their world—brings both love and truth to the realm. Most people are afraid of them both. Love is what makes all people and all of Creation the same. We are part of one reality, animated by one universal power. There is a deep-seated fear in people of the oneness of all Being. There is a fear that we would lose ourselves; that we could lose our uniqueness and what makes us different; we would lose the ability to carve out our own path and our life. There is a fear that we could be cheated by love and that the universe might not really care about us in the end. What looks like love could turn out to be a malevolent force that works for our demise, not our blessing.

Becoming a Sun p. 174-175

The Spiritual Warrior

Brooke Knight
Guest Author

A huge factor that can prevent us from leaning into the oneness of all Being is the fear of love and the fear that it will undoubtedly expose our dark beliefs about ourselves. It might expose our belief that the shame that lies in our past and the pesky unsavory thoughts that haunt us today make us unlovable.

If we find ourselves in that place, we can resent those who express love for us because we have the false inner understanding that we are undeserving of that love.

Finding the soft spot within ourselves where we are willing to be vulnerable, we can learn to build up the strength and resilience to push past the perceived social pressure to suppress the shadows we carry about ourselves. This soft spot within holds the key to ascending through the resistance built on fear and shame. It grants us entry into a consciousness of oneness, a taste of heaven while here on earth, the ultimate destination.

Whether or not we are aware of it, we are adding the individual fingerprint of our essence to the collective consciousness. If we are willing to be self-aware, we might see our responsibility in this as a great weight that seems too heavy to hold. But it is a responsibility we already carry anyway.

Repressing our shame or unsavory thoughts does not let us off the hook. It only makes us a background character in someone else’s movie. But this is your movie!

Do you think you are the only one with that shame? Imagine this… You allow your inner Sun to shine the light of love on you. You let that inner light forgive you and help you release the burden you have been carrying.

When that happens, you are empowered to assist someone in need of the same experience you are now having. Processing our shame gives us purpose. In some magical moment, you will encounter a person in a situation that parallels your own. Someone out there is going to need to hear your story of the dragons you slayed. And you will possess the courage and wisdom to serve the greater good of humanity through your service to this one person.

Love should not be feared. Love doesn’t hurt. It is the absence of love that hurts.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. Thanks, Brooke, Yes, that’s a great conclusion that love doesn’t hurt and its the absence of love that hurts. Totally agree with you about the value of the SOFT SPOT … And great to have you as a guest author. THANK you. My best, Tom C.

  2. What a wonderful way of describing how we as spiritual warriors can bring love to bless ourselves and all of humanity. If this article is any example, Brooke has a wonderful gift of love (and excellent writing!) to bring into the world.

  3. I’m blessed to have such a vibrant audience and venue in which to be heard. Thank you all for your kind words. Excited for everything to come 🙂

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