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Ancient Magic

Ancient Magic

I wish I could take you with me to places in Southern England and Wales which are so full of ancient magic.


I am finishing a 12-day tour here with my dear friends, Ruth Buckingham and Phil Richardson. We have held four day-long sessions of Healing Chant. Gail Stewart offered a sound bath with gongs, chimes, singing bowls and her own voice as a part of these sessions.

Amphitheater at Caerleon

In between, we visited ancient sites, many of them associated with the King Arthur legend: Tintagel, where he was conceived; Glastonbury, the site of Avalon; and a Roman amphitheater in Caerleon, Wales, once thought to be the site of the Round Table.

We also visited ancient stone circles in Cornwall: The Hurlers, the Merry Maidens, and Boscawen-ûn.

Karen, Ruth and Phil

Ruth, Phil and I are doing research to create a transformational tour of these places in the autumn of 2017.

This poem shares my experience of the stone circles.

Standing Stones

I hear the voice of his people
through their warm presence now,
laughing on a day
so long ago
that has suddenly become today.

This October sun shines
on their ancient foreheads
and meets a fire
from within their cheerful heart
of loving stone.

Thank you, ancestors,
for this monument
to the ordering power of creation
pulsing within you then
and within me now.

-David Karchere

Enter a Space for the Magic of Healing and Learning

Enter a Space for the Magic of Healing and Learning

  I’m still enjoying the reverberations from a Healing Chant workshop I led in Llanrhian, Wales, a week ago. It was a truly magical time. There were dear friends from Wales, London, and even Amsterdam, who came. Don and Jayne MacGregor hosted us with such care. The venue was a converted old one-room schoolhouse made… Continue Reading

Healing the Primal Bond

Healing the Primal Bond

As I write, I am on a train from Bergen to Voss, Norway. The snow has continued late this year in Norway, and it is Friday. So the train is packed with excited Norwegians carrying skis. Traveling with my friends Ruth Buckingham and Phil Richardson, I’ll be giving a talk on emotional intelligence in Voss,… Continue Reading

Sound Healing: Ancient Roots, New Awakening

Sound Healing: Ancient Roots, New Awakening

For ages, there have been people who have known the relationship between sound, vibrant health, and humanity’s place in Creation. In large measure, this knowledge has been lost to the industrialized countries of the West. Today, sound healing is being brought to life by people around the globe. The history of sound healing stretches back… Continue Reading

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