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Divine Feminine and Masculine

This Week’s Quotation: There is the divine feminine within all Creation. She has been called by many names: Gaia, Mother Nature, Mother Mary, the Goddess, and many more. She is Sophia, who is wisdom, and Aphrodite, who is love. She is the queen of

Thanksgiving Meditation

This Week’s Quotation: So how do you change your experience from “running on empty” to your “cup overflowing”? The answer is so profound, so deep, and yet so simple that it tends to escape people. The answer is gratitude for what we are receiving from the universe. It might not be what you think you

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The Ordering Powers of Sovereignty

This Week’s Quotation: The mortal man who incarnates the King energy or bears it for a while in the service of his fellow human beings, in the service of the realm (of whatever dimensions), in the service of the cosmos,

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A Journey to Grace

This Week’s Quotation: I understand now that I received the seed of grace in those moments, and it changed me… Grace comes in a unique way to every person. This was how it came to me. Since that day, I’ve

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Practical Spirituality

This Week’s Quotation: Practical spirituality isn’t chasing after something wonderful, whether you see that as being spiritual or not. It is staying where you are and letting what is full of wonder find you. And it is letting a world

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Elders in the Circle Have to Disbelieve

This Week’s Quotation: Cliff Barry, the founder of Shadow Work® seminars, says that the elders in the circle have to disbelieve. In other words, if a group is to thrive, there have to be leaders who choose not to buy

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A Home for the Possible

This Week’s Quotation: Our human capacity—our thoughts and feelings and our physical capacity—is made to be a dwelling place for the possible. We are supposed to be a home for the possible, so that it might manifest through us into

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