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On this journey, it often seems like the goal is to embrace a state of being that is something other than you and to let that reality live in the world around you. That perspective on the process is necessary because it introduces new inspiration and wisdom to your human experience. It has let you see and know things you could not have known any other way. However, your journey is not complete until you have a radical change in your approach to life. That change is from the perspective of a person who seeks an experience of being that is outside themselves to an experience of being that is incarnating through their humanity. It is an experience of being that Being who has chosen to incarnate in your humanity—in the person who you probably identify by the use of your own name.


Becoming a Sun p. 249

A Radical Change

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

What would you say is the process of growth and transformation?

This quotation is from the chapter in my book on courage. In essence, it describes our human journey as aspiration and manifestation. Or, as a friend described it, uphill and downhill.

Our human soul responds to the inspiring currents of the universe that come to us. We aspire to join them. Over time, we become, more and more, an expression of those currents. And then, like a roller coaster that has scaled the uphill climb to its highest peak, there is a moment of balance at the top before we careen down the other side, knowing ourselves as the joyful living embodiment of those inspiring currents in the world.

As I said when I wrote my book—and know even more now—both these dynamics are vital. And even though it makes it easy to picture them as sequential—one followed by the other—the truth is that aspiration and manifestation are constantly at work in our life, each of them receiving greater emphasis at different times in the cycles of our life.

It seems easy for people to embrace one of these dynamics while ignoring or even vilifying the other. If you listen carefully to the messages in the world of personal development and spirituality, you hear these biases frequently. I say there is power in embracing both in their season. Only so do we become a whole person.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. I believe the desire to figure out this rhythm and control our experience is based on fear. Fear we are not enough, fear we are too much, fear we won’t fit it, fear our world will change. Everything changes when we surrender into this relationship with the Being we are. It takes courage to welcome what we are sensing and embrace it and courage to let go of what has been supposedly protecting us from the change. It is a radical and fulfilling change of course

  2. Recently, I have been experimenting with the idea that everything that comes forth from me–my thoughts, words and deeds–are expressions of my Divine Identity. I find that this effort can be useful in reducing old habits of self-criticism and self-judgement. Jesus counseled us to: “be ye therefore perfect even as the father in heaven is perfect.” I have always found it easy to think of God as being absolutely perfect. Therefore, if I allow the spirit of God to find expression through this capacity of body, mind and heart, all of which He created, then how dare I be critical or judgmental of any of it?

  3. Dear David
    Re: “However, your journey is not complete until you have a radical change in your approach to life.
    Did you mean, “approach to living”? After all, you cannot approach life. How would you do that?
    As Jesus explained, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” From His true triune perspective, we come from life, to express the truth-of-love in our living, in our giving. “We come that they” – our human capacities – “may have life, and have it more abundantly.
    This is the process whereby the human soul, with its unholy-ghost, which needs to be ‘given up’, surrendered to the Father consciousness, must aspire.
    When that journey is fulfilled, so that one is ‘at home’, in oneness with the Father, the truth-of-love incarnating our human capacities and replenishing-the-earth, encounters no blockage, or resistance to transmuting the unholy-ghost to the Holy Ghost through the purified heart, the feeling-realm.
    At this point the human experience is then one of ascension; no more ups-and-downs. Ups-and-downs, toing-and-froing in the earth, relate to the experience of Satan, who knows not the Lord, is positive to positive God, and thereby repels himself from heaven.

  4. In the past 6 months I have been very aware of being alive with the roller coaster experience of breeding Australian Silky Terrier puppies which I haven’t attempted before. I suspect my soul of aspiring to be part of my mothers family who were good sheep dog owners – these analogies ground me in what you are saying. It has been a lot of work, delightful with puppy antics and very sad with having to sell the ones not suited to the future of the breed. The tendency is to want to shield myself from the pain of having to sell, but then the roller coaster goes up again as there isn’t a home that they go to where I don’t think they will be cherished and even be better off than safely with me. I am sent photos which prove they are having wonderful lives. So I will just embrace the sadness I feel as much as the joy and just be part of the continuation of a wonderful and now endangered breed

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