Conscious Awareness

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For your creative field, the conscious awareness you bring is like the atmosphere surrounding our planet. It is the space in which creation occurs. The quality of that atmosphere is critical for life to flourish. If the temperature becomes extremely hot or extremely cold, living things die. If the atmosphere becomes thin, it is hard to breathe. If the mix of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases changes, it affects the forms of life. Your conscious awareness is the air that your creative field depends on for life.

Becoming a Sun pp. 51-52

Conscious Awareness

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

I’ve been preparing to present at an online Attunement Conference for people in Australia and New Zealand. As part of my presentation, I want to address some of the pithiest existential questions. Questions like these:

What is the relationship between consciousness and the human energy field?

Is the universe conscious?

Is the universe alive?

For you, dear reader of this Becoming a Sun blog, I’ll cut to the chase. Without hardly realizing it, we are participants in a conscious, pulsating, evolving universe. And while the personal factors in our experience may obscure it, we are that Being who is dreaming it into existence. That is the truth of who we are, though widely unknown.

So, of course, if we use the human capacity of mind without that knowing—if we view our world mostly in terms of how it will affect us—we are misusing our abilities as a creator. And instead of dreaming life into being all around us, our faulty use of consciousness may cast a pall upon our creative field.

That’s a dreadful thought, isn’t it? No worries. By merely catching ourselves in a self-preoccupied act—or a self-preoccupied state of mind—we can set ourselves free. We can remember that we are a creator by our very nature. Part of the Creator. As the Cherokee say it, a Sky Being who has taken human form.

With that remembrance, our spiritually activated consciousness is like the atmosphere of a warm, sunny day here in Colorado, creating a context in which ever-unfolding life thrives. We are liberated. And we liberate our world.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. In Australia there are the Dreaming beings, in Bali ritual is used to hold the world together. There are so many versions of Creating within Creation – and yet in many places in the world the Truth of what you said David – we are that Being who is dreaming it into existence – is lost.

    Just as you said – That is the truth of who we are, though widely unknown. We are the dreamers, and thank you so much for this reminder that our thoughts are things – all of them – and so – we are responsible for our World.

    Holding hands (or more accurately hearts) together is our gift – as much to ourselves as to anyone else.

  2. “We are that being who is dreaming it into existence”.
    I reach into my consciousness each day to open the pathway to that perfect creative source within me, knowing in the depth of my soul that ‘Heaven on Earth’ can be known right here and now, through me. Do I believe it? Can I BE it? Yes. It is our destiny. The God we have been searching for is in every beat of our heart and breath that we take. The Great Awakening is stirring across our world and pure creation will be known to us all.

  3. The condition of the world is simply a reflection of what is present in human consciousness. Turbulence in the world springs from turbulence in consciousness. Humanity is increasingly concerned with the existential threat posed by climate change. The ultimate solution to this problem is the maintenance of a warm, temperate climate in human consciousness, starting with my own.

  4. It seems to me that human energy brings attention to my awareness of what goes on around me. My awareness energizes my consciousness, then my presence will begin to energize the field around me.

    When I know that we are God’s co-creators on earth, my conscious awareness will be spiritually activated, and I will be energizing my field with a trust in the vision and wisdom from a greater source. My creative power will be free and available to welcome possibilities and potentials.

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