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The solution to the clouds in consciousness that create low motivation—no fire in the belly—is to regularly think about what is worth your highest love and to feel the feelings that go along with those thoughts. Let it fill your mind. Let it fill your feelings. Celebrate it in your words. Write poems and love songs that adore it. Paint pictures that portray it to the eyes. Let your whole life be lived as an ode to what you love.    

Becoming a Sun p. 149

Devotion Gamified?!

What is worthy of your highest love? Is it worthy of your loyalty? Your enthusiasm? Is it really? I have started with these questions because reflecting on them is crucial to know a vivacious and fulfilling life. A healthy pattern of reflection on these things keeps us focused, in honest evaluation, on what merits our time and energy.

I am devoted to the practice of allowing the flow of life through my capacities and each situation, as they are all opportunities for a new and true reality to be born. I use the word “practice” because it is just that, and it is an adventure.

Think of a game depicting the hero’s journey where the characters are all so diverse, and the terrain and time period are just right. Feel into the hero’s deep calling to “Be the Change by Being the Light!” to save the world. At each transformational level, we see our world anew and experience our terrain as an even more vibrant terrain than before. There could be new characters, and there will be another situation to meet on that level. The deep underlying calling to “Be the Change by Being the Light!” is still there, pulling every atom of you forward.

The adventure isn’t to rack up points (money, material objects, standing, place) but to be fully present and loyal to this much higher purpose and mission. No matter what! People turn, resources are depleted or stolen, and fire and brimstone fall. The hero keeps on going because of devotion to what is possible on the other side of it ALL—what is longing to be birthed. A new and even more vibrant terrain now!

So dear reader and fellow adventurer, I ask, what is worth your devotion, and are you willing to be the hero in your story?

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. Your words, Keahi, so beautifully suggest what one poet called “the rapture of being alive.” Life is truly a glorious adventure and each moment offers the opportunity to experience the wonder of eternal creation.

  2. Many thanks, Keahi. YES! I’m happy to be the hero of my story. And it is wonderful to be devoted to life’s highest calling — serving our God by whatever name known to others. Loving thanks for this blog! WITH YOU/FOR YOU/THANK YOU. Tom C.

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