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There is a creative field being held by angels. There is an already-existing field that you and I did not have to invent. It does not depend or rely on us in any way. Our experience as human beings relies on what we do, but that larger creative field, that universal field, does not rely on us. It is already existing. It is being held by angels, not by us as mere human beings. It is being held by Universal Being, by the beingness of the cosmos. And when we become aware of that larger field, we become aware of possibility and potential for our field. It is the possibility and potential that what is present in that larger field could manifest on Earth.

~ Becoming a Sun p. 209

The Realm of Angels

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

Picture in your mind the depths of space. Picture the space immediately around our planet, in which the moon orbits. Picture the space in which the planets of our solar system revolve around the sun. And then, think of the depths of space in which our solar system circles the Sagittarius A* at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, along with all the other star systems.

I pose to you that there are two ways to relate to this vastness in which we dwell. We can see it as either matter and energy without a soul or presence—light years of emptiness interrupted by occasional balls of mineral substance and tremendous physical power. Or, it is all alive and aware—an embodiment at a physical level of a transcendent Presence.

Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox said this on the subject in their book Physics of Angels:

Through the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century, the universe was mechanized, and at the same time, the heavens were secularized. They were made up of ordinary matter gliding around in perfect accordance with Newtonian laws. There was no room in them for angelic intentions. Angels had no place in a mechanistic world, except perhaps as psychological phenomena, existing only within our imaginations.

But this mechanistic worldview is now being superseded by science itself. 

I can’t give a full report on the book here. I can say that we have a choice as to how we conceive of the universe in which we dwell, including this precious blue-green orb on which we live. We can see it as alive or dead. How we see it determines the experience of ourselves and our world.

So open yourself to the possibility that you live in a world surrounded by angelic presence. See what happens.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. Many thanks, David. Yes, when I sense the angelic presence round about, my spirit soars. It means “many wings make LIGHT work.” I trust in these wings, this light, the ongoing encompassment of my creative field, and a world beyond human explanation. I appreciate your pointing toward the angelic realm because it brings great relaxation to know I am not alone in my work, world, relationships, mission, and purpose. It is all supported, loved, and enfolded from (if you will) above. Taking a moment to toast the Angels … THANK YOU. Love, Tom C.

    1. I see the presence of angelic aliveness all around, everywhere I look…every flower, tree, insect, animal, human being, stars, sun. It to us each moment in renewal of seasons. There is winter of visioning, when all is resting . There is the renewal of spring seeds rising to the vision of flourishing and the summer of fruition and then the harvest of fall’s fulfillment.
      What is above, is below. It is very clearly created and seen in our momentary living. The breath, heartbeat and pulse of creation lives victoriously above, as below through us. We feel the angelic presence deep within our beings.
      Whatever is going on in the outer world is held in the state of turning, returning in the evol of
      the Creative angelic presence of above and below…the very passion and presence of the One Who Dwells.

  2. As you suggest, David, the universe is not just random, mindless chaos. There is Divine Mind governing a creative process of life streaming from Universal Being. And I touch into the Angelic Presence in myself and others, the ordering power of Love begins to be restored in my world and the larger world that I center.

  3. Strange the events of today in the world it forces us to think of war and peace…while we all continue with the day to day – where is the angelic realm when we need them the most? Between the pages of a book, oxfam, The Hague, the Red Cross or even the Salvation Army. ?

    I cannot sit another day like this watching the demoralisation of our world the dehumanisation, humiliation of human kind … I demand the angels to come Now and proceed with all their might to end these wars here on earth – that’s my reply to this

  4. I trust that the Supreme Soul and the Angels that guide us are here with us now. Although our main stream information sources will never tell us this–the ascension of consciousness is moving swiftly throughout the world and in our hearts. We are waking up. We are facing the greatest test of our lifetime and I have no doubt that ‘the Light’ will shine upon the darkness and show us, without any doubt, that love prevails. This past few years have challenged us greatly, but at the same time made us strong. I believe we are close to the finish line where the love in the hearts of humanity, and the Divine Source of life will put war, fear and separation to rest– once and for all. We need to ‘buckle up’ for this last desperate attempt by the darkness to take over our world and our consciousness, but we are not alone. I welcome the Angels and Divine guidance to bring us peace on Earth. And so it shall be!

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