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The masculine dynamic of the spiritual warrior is the extension of spiritual energy into the spiritual commons in which the warrior finds himself. It is a contribution to the spiritual commons. In the masculine dynamic, you realize you can bring a profound creative influence into the world that is not just in your space. It is not just for you and yours. Your strength as a spiritual warrior can serve a larger and larger field. You are bigger than your home. Your nature is to be expansive. You are destined to increase your ambit—your sphere of creative influence—into greater fields. Your nature is to bring the dominion of love into an ever-increasing world of influence—into the spiritual commons.

Becoming a Sun p. 121

The Spiritual Warrior

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

In this chapter of my book, I speak about the spiritual warrior and the distinction between the masculine and feminine dynamics of spiritual warriorhood. I describe how the feminine dynamic protects the sacredness of home, and the masculine dynamic extends creative influence into the larger world.

Of course, men and women are both capable of each of these two dynamics.

Last night, I attended a house concert at a friend’s. Singer-songwriter, Cassandra Kubinski, performed. She played One Million Hearts. It is the story of the aspiration to have her music reach the world—to reach One Million Hearts. And her realization that for that to happen, it must first reach one heart—her own.

This is the realization of a spiritual warrior who desires to increase her creative influence in the world, to have her talent and gifts affect a million people and more. And as Cassandra’s song so profoundly expresses, it only happens as we extend the influence we want to bring to our own hearts and minds. If we do, it extends beyond that—perhaps to One Million Hearts. But still, my experience is that for our creative influence to increase, we have to constantly come back to the one heart that is our own.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. Yes, May Cassandra reach millions of hearts … May each of us let our own well balanced (between the male and female warrior) spirit come from our own heart of hearts which will touch so many other hearts. Thank you, David. Love, tom

  2. We are all born of the creative expression of Love every fibre of our being shimmers with its Light.

    Simply by being, standing still even, we are all one heart, one mind being in unison.

    For some there’s no need to travel to impress another with their creative gifts and others yearn to share the whole of their artistic self selflessly with the world.

    Yet All of that expression is affective for all of humanity just by feeling the vibration of all that – life, that being still, that painting the picture, the designing of a car, the architecture of a building, the growth of a flower or the song of a choir.

    The crashing essence of the creative heart light is that it beats in unison with Life and when we are in realisation of unison we can be alone or in a huge gathering and feel the creative outlet and heartbeat of humanity All at once.

    Woman, Man, Child, Animal, Vegetation, Mountain, Earth, Sky and Universe all beat in creativity ❤️

  3. Yes, my nature as a spiritual warrior is to be expansive, extending a creative influence into the field for which I am responsible and at the same time protecting and nurturing the sacred space in my own consciousness. This is truly our work as spiritual warriors and activists.

  4. A great Truth –

    My experience is that for our creative influence to increase, we have to constantly come back to the one heart that is our own.

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