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When a person becomes aware that they are a sun, they realize that they have a choice. They do not have to be a slave to their own reaction to their creative field. They don’t have to alter their radiance based on what other people say or do. They don’t have to alter their radiance based on how they feel themselves. The sun can always shine. When a person awakens to this, they begin to notice all the ways they have tended to alter their radiance. They notice how they have created disturbance in their creative field, based on their reaction to it. They might have acted out in anger, withdrawn, become depressed, and then reacted even more to that disturbance, creating a vicious cycle.

Becoming a Sun p. 23

The Sun Always Shines

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

This excerpt from the first chapter of my book addresses a foundational principle of life I first encountered as I began my conscious spiritual journey at age sixteen. I knew it then as right polarity.

Another name for this principle is the One Law of Cause and Effect. It states that we each carry the ultimate cause for a creative life latent within us as human beings. The global application of this principle is that humankind has, latent within itself, the ultimate cause for the flourishing of Planet Earth, including our own human experience.

Heady stuff!

This truth blew my mind as a sixteen-year-old, and it blows my mind now. And I like having my mind blown.

Here is what it leads me to know:

No matter what is happening…

No matter how awful the behavior of another human being may be…

No matter the difficulty or challenge I am facing…

I am a sun that always shines. And just as the sun does not leave its appointed place in the heavens to react to what is happening on Neptune, Jupiter, or Mars, I don’t leave the realms of heavenly experience I know.

I don’t stop being who I am. I shine. I radiate the warmth of love.

I am a sun that always shines.

I invite you to adopt this same stance for yourself, even though there may be challenges you face.

Let us be suns together.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. You definitely are the Sun that shines, David! In the dreary days when my heart feels ‘cloudy’, I seek to remember that the Sun’s rays are just behind them..then I can radiate again. Thank you for this wonderful depiction of our inner power.

  2. I was blessed to participate in David Karchere’s becoming a Sun program. This was filled with so many life defining moments where I had the opportunity to really look at myself deeply. These words he write are not just words that are just elegantly versed. Yes he is an awesome writer, however within his words, I had the profound opportunity to look within myself. I was blessed to read how his trials and tribulations were very real.. and very disheartening at times. It created a window for myself to look deeply at dole of my own wounds.
    I consider this book life changing. It’s not a “one read and I’m done” It is way more than that, and so glad that i have his book to go back to , read again. It’s been amazing, as it has only drawn me deeper to my true authentic self.
    It’s so perfect to always keep aware that my Sun, who has always been there, can shine bright to myself and others. We do have impact and others have impact on us. That said I have become so much more aware and empowered with my true light I can bring to others and receive the light and love others bring to me.
    I keep Becoming a Sun book very close by.. close my eyes .. open up a page.. and answers come.
    Thank you David Karchere ♥️

  3. Thank you for articulating our heavenly stance so clearly. Many astrological readings are predicting big changes that will effect the planet caused by massive energies from Mars Venus etc, and to some degree this is playing out in Ukraine-Russia affecting all Life in many ways. May we know more assuredly the consistent shining of our inner Sun despite the challenges, and especially during challenges.

  4. The sun shining from me also brings the fire of Divine Love into my world, consuming whatever in my creative field is contrary to the creative process emanating from the cosmic whole.

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