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Sadness, or grief, is another emotion that people often avoid. If you step into that emotion, you will find there is the longing for the internal flow that brings connection, ultimately the longing for connection with spirit itself, a connection with love. That is the longing of the soul. What I find is that my sadness and grief won’t kill me. People might think it will—that they will drown in it forever. If you fully step into it with your spirit, you’ll find out what your soul is longing for. And on the other side of what seems to be sadness, there is the connection, union, and oneness.

Becoming a Sun, p. 291

The Answer to Sadness

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

There are not too many people who like being sad. Personally, I don’t think of myself as a sad person. But from time to time, sadness comes upon me. I don’t like it when it does.

Usually, sadness is associated with people and events. And then, beyond that, there is a deep longing for something that is missing in my experience.              

It can take some time to realize what you are feeling and why. For me, the experience of sadness can creep up on me without me knowing what is happening. And then, I begin a conscious process that goes past the surface factors to the ache in the heart. Then, beyond that, there is a great desire and great love, as yet unfulfilled. Not a love I haven’t received; a love I haven’t given.

And so…what is the answer to sadness and grief? Is it not to give a love you have not yet been willing to give in your life?

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

3 Responses

  1. Thank you for this timely message.
    It’s not hard to feel the sadness throughout the planet—in every corner, it seems. And I don’t always know where my own sadness comes from. But I have realized that I don’t really need to know.
    The answer is always to give Love unconditionally. Thank you for this vital message—we are all connected in one Spirit.

  2. A timely offering, thank you David. Through the Attunement purification process this week, the flow of Oneness has strengthened the core of my being. Through this opening I am aware of the underlying sadness/disconnect I have held in my body/mind due to what I believed to be a disconnect from the Earth. I love the Beloved Mother, now with the stronger flow moving through me I am also feeling the return of the Beloved Mother’s Love nourishing my body at a more profound level. The giving & receiving become One. and so it is.

  3. There is such joy in living in a community of caring and love, sadness may still appear, but there are friends to talk it out with….what a blessing…

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