The Courage to Embrace Your Human Experience

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When you move out of the swirl of thought and feeling into an experience of the Being who you are, you are then in position to witness your thoughts and feelings like you never have before. You see the embodiment of yourself through your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. You are bringing the peace of your presence to your conscious awareness. And even if your thoughts and feelings are swirling, you know what is happening, and you have the courage to embrace that experience, not ignoring or running away from it. And through the courage to embrace all of your human experience, all of who you are shows up in the world.

Your courage brings the gravity of who you are into the world.  This radical shift in perspective creates a radically different relationship with your mind and emotions. You can see them now. You can understand them. You can love them. You can embrace them.

Becoming a Sun p. 260

The Courage to Embrace Your Human Experience

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

A critical factor in this process I describe in my book is how a person gains enough altitude to see what is happening in their human experience. In spiritual traditions, this experience is sometimes symbolized by a mountain. From the mountaintop, we have 360-degree vision. We have an unbiased perspective. And from the mountaintop, we are in the flow of the source of Being, symbolized by the heavens.

How do we climb the mountain? How do we gain perspective on our human experience?

In two ways. Looking up. Then looking down.

Looking up is opening our thoughts and feelings to the source of Being. It is softening our heart to feel the flow of Love. It is opening our mind to think true, inspiring thoughts. It is asking for what we need, spiritually, acknowledging that it is available, even before we ask.

Looking down is what this excerpt from my book addresses—the courage to embrace our human experience. All of it. This doesn’t mean we are condoning whatever untruth might be there. We are engulfing all the thoughts and feelings that arise, whatever is happening in our body, with the flow of our Love. We are bringing the Light of Truth to it all.

This isn’t an attempt to beat our human experience into submission. It is simply showing up as the sovereign of our soul. And when we do, we are not sucked into our experience, all-entangled with it. What actually happens is that in the act of loving ourselves, we cease identifying with our human experience. And we rise to the mountaintop.

That changes everything.

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. Yes, I am with you in looking up to welcome and embrace the wisdom which pours down from above…. and I am with you in looking at my human experience with realism and all that it is connected to welcoming understanding and change. Thank you, David. Love, Tom

  2. When I embrace all of my human experience, welcome my feelings and thoughts into my conscious awareness, it seems to me that is when my presence brings a whole person.

  3. Thank you, David! Yes! We embrace our humanness from the mountaintop, where it is easy to make the changes that are needed. Someone asked a friend why they always chose the penthouse suite in hotels. They said, “Because it has the best view!” Indeed!

  4. Here Comes the Sun – Its been a long and lonely winter – it seems like years since its been here – Here comes the Sun – and we are It – We are the Sun….

  5. Yes, I agree with everything in the quote above from the book “Becoming a Sun” page 260. I experience who I am exactly as described in these paragraphs. I radically embrace all of life, including every part of who I am, conscious awareness, mind, body, and emotions. I know that we are all connected in spirit and separated in mind. How can I be of service, that is the question. Thanks for posting this.

  6. To cease identifying with our human experience over all these years is whats on my plate aswell,its a great consideration David……….. thank you.
    My past lives around the corner, my Enlish E.D.L connections are renewing,
    I accept that all what has happened is not here anymore.
    It has been a great challenge after my near death experience, to look at all a new, everything of the past came by.
    We dont do Valentine here in Holland,but I feel Love is spreading out
    I had some great Adams on my path over the years.
    But here I am in a new exploring and feeling love affair, with you all.
    And tapping into ancient wisdom, connecting with my strong healing powers
    My health is getting better all the time it has taken a couple of month, and I am thankfull that I am still here .Love Irene and warm greetings from a white snowy country.

  7. So well written, David, so clear. ‘Tis a gift to be simple’ – easy to accept truth and true knowing when we do look up and look down in Life, Thank you for everything that you are constantly and consistently putting out there as a light on the path for our journeys in the world.

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