The Dam Bursts

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It takes courage for a person to stop seeking validation from the so-called “normalcy” of the world in which they live—which is really not normal, just familiar. A spiritual pioneer learns to find validation from the already-existing field of universal consciousness. That field is always present, and it is always available. It is a field of possibility and potentiality. It is a field of what could happen in our life and in the world if we let it. It is a world of preform. It is that universal field of consciousness that is bringing pressure on the old paradigm.

As time passes, the water keeps backing up behind the dam, and for those who are more open to that, and in whom the resistance is low enough, the water behind the dam breaks through. At that point, there begins to be a great leap forward. The dam bursts, and universal consciousness has become human consciousness.

Becoming a Sun, p. 312

The Dam Bursts

David Karchere
Author, Becoming a Sun

I can say, with confidence, that you, as a reader of this blog, have not succumbed to the “normalcy” of the world. So congratulations for coming this far on your life path, wherever that has taken you.

Can you feel the water backing up behind the dam? Can you feel the awesome power of the universe behind you? Rising, swelling, the great tide of the cosmos, desiring to enter the world through you?

An unawake person finds themselves in the position of the little Dutch boy with his finger In the dike. Or like King Canute at the edge of the sea, commanding the incoming tide to halt. They are attempting to hold back the cosmic power that seeks to flow through them. No wonder people find themselves so exhausted!

Thank you for being a wonderful leak in the dam created by the awkward sophistication of human culture. So sorry for not conforming to all those societal structures!

Perhaps, in these moments, you will join me in betraying that awkward sophistication. Shall we, now, open, let the dam be broken, and the cosmic tide flood our awareness—our thoughts and feelings, filling our spirit and flooding through us into the world?

Let cosmic love flow here. Let the light of distant stars flood this world

I say to the world, “The dam is broken because of me.”

What does it mean to become a sun?

Every human being is already a sun on the inside—a being of intense love and light. The difference is that some people have the vision and courage to become a sun on the outside. This difference is our human destiny.

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  1. What a great invitation, David. I love this line “Let the light of distant stars flood this world” That sounds so much more beautiful and inviting than “I am falling apart because the dam is bursting” It is wonderful to think the pressure I am feeling is a result of starlight longing to rush into the world.

  2. I so enjoy participating with friends who are called to become a Sun in their worlds. So I can freely allow the cosmic tide to flow through me in a safe place of deep Love.

  3. “the awkward sophistication of human culture ‘ What an extraordinary telling phrase for the straight jacket of conformity that has been handed down as a”normal” way of being in the world .Thank goodness for any crack in that struture .Thank goodness, thank Godness, prhaps not just my newly coined word , for the growing community of wayshowers, thought leaders , spirit infused beings wherever they are. People who are awake and awakening to destiny.This time . Now.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful piece!
    I love rereading various sections of BECOMING A SUN! A sacred book.
    I feel the awesome power of the Universe and am thankful to play my part with love and care.

  5. When I respond to the possibilities I see, and not react to what is happening, then I set something in motion. It always leads to something more. Sometimes people ask: How did he get to do that? Why am I not heard? When will they give me something like that? Why are you always the lucky one? Don’t they approve of me? I never fit in….
    This is response that backs up the flow of life. Possibilities are in the flow.

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